THC Podcast 075: 5 Ways Federal Prison Made Me A Better Closer

Posted on August 07, 2017

Ryan Stewman



If you’ve ever listened to the “THC Podcast” or read any of Ryan Stewman’s blog posts you already know that he had the unfortunate experience of doing time in a federal prison.

Any kind of prison is a shitty place and a shitty experience but like any positive or negative life experience, there are valuable lessons that can be beneficial to your life in the future.

That’s what this episode of “THC Podcast” is going to talk about.

Ryan is going to share some of his experiences in federal prison and how he has leveraged the experience to help him build a multi million dollar company from scratch.

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5 Ways Federal Prison Made Me A Better Closer

1. More Alert

Prisons are packed to the max with murders, rapists, gangsters, thieves, and people fueled by violence.

It is crucial to your survival in prison to always be fully alert.

Same goes for out in society when you are doing business and closing deals.

Ryan talks about how prison increased his alertness and how he has leveraged it to make him a better sales closer.

2. Better Bullshit Detector

Everybody you talk to in prison was “the man in the streets.” Everyone claims to have been a kingpin out in the streets but in prison, they don’t have a nickel in their commissary account.

That doesn’t add up and that is because they are full of shit. Liars.

In business and sales, competitors and prospects are always trying to feed you a line of bullshit and prison helped Ryan build up a powerful bullshit detector.

Learn from Stewman in this episode how you can increase your bullshit detector without being locked up in prison. 

3. Work With What I Had

When you are in prison you do not have the access to the tools and resources you do when you’re free man or woman.

Prison is most certainly not known for its vast selection of accessible amnesties so it is vital you learn to work with what you have.

The same goes for when you are in business and in sales.

When you are starting out you don’t have the access to best people, tools, and resources so if you’re determined to be a success you will need to work with what you have.

4. Worst Case Expectations

A big part of success is preparing for worst case scenario but believing it will never happen.

Prison is like a ticking time bomb so expecting the lid to blow off at any given moment is important to your survival.

The same can be said about business and sales.

Just because you are prepared for the worst doesn’t mean your thoughts are negative and you’re just asking for it to happen.

In this episode, Ryan goes into detail about worst case expectations and how it gives you an advantage in your business.

5. Complete Transparency

When you are in prison you are confined to and living in small spaces with lots of other people.

When you hear in the media that the US prisons are packed, they aren’t lying. Prisons know how to pack a lot of people in the smallest spaces.

Whether you want to be transparent or not, in prison you have no choice.

Learn how Ryan took that experience and used it to help him be more transparent in his business today.

Learn From Life’s Positive And Negative Experiences To Make You Better

The most successful people in the world are mentally trained to learn a lesson and take something positive even from the most negative experiences.

Whether it’s a good or bad experience there is always a valuable lesson that can help you in the future.

Instead of dwelling on these experiences, look for the lessons.

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