THC Podcast 076: 5 Daily Routines Of Top Producers

Posted on August 10, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Ever wonder what separates the average sales producers from the top producers in the world?

It’s their daily actions. Their daily routines.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is going to share five daily routines of the top sales producers.

In case you are new here Ryan Stewman is not only a top producer himself but he consults with, coaches, and is partners with top producers across multiple industries and in this episode, he shares the daily routines they all have in common.

5 Daily Routines Of The Top Sales Performers

1. Set Goals

The secret to getting things done like a boss every day is having a defined set of goals for the day.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you will most likely do nothing. Just like the old saying says “if you wake up in the morning without goals, just go back to bed.”

Have goals defined daily and watch how much more productive you will be, day in and day out.

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2. Do The Work

Setting goals are very important but the goals are meaningless if you’re not going to do the work.

Goals don’t get accomplished on their own so it’s a must to have a plan of the work that needs to get done, and then go in and do it.

The work is not going to do itself so have your actions laid out for each day and start smashing your to-do list.

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3. Stop Working When You’re Done

After you crush your daily schedule of tasks, meetings, etc. call it a day. Shut it down.

Everyone needs a break and if you get your tasks for the day complete go home and be with your loved ones.

If you’re gonna be the best, you’re gonna need to rest.

Ryan goes into further detail on the importance of stopping when you’re done in this episode.

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4. Make New Connections

Top producers in any industry are making new connections on the daily. The greater your network, the bigger your net worth.

That might be an old saying but that shit is as real as it gets.

New connections lead to new opportunities and new opportunities lead to bigger and better opportunities.

Make it a point to get out there, whether it’s via social media or in person, get out there and start connections.

In this episode, Ryan shares how he makes new connections every day without exception.

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5. Follow Up

Follow-up is the secret formula that separates the average salesperson from the top producers.

Follow-up equals cash, yet so many salespeople and/or entrepreneurs fall short when it comes to this.

The simple fact most salespeople are not following up gives anyone who does an unfair advantage in their marketplace.

If you want your sales to blow up, start following up. Every day no matter what.

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These Routines Will Help You Be More Successful

The top producers in any field are practicing these five routines day in and day out.

Are you?

How bad do you want it?

Commit to doing these five routines every day and it’s practically a guarantee that you will be more successful.

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