THC Podcast 077: 5 Ways To Close B2B Sales With CEOs

Posted on August 18, 2017

Ryan Stewman



When you are selling business to business (B2B) and the CEO of the company is the one you need to close, it can get challenging at times.

The CEO can be very hard to get in front of and they are constantly being pitched products and solutions on a daily basis by salespeople and wanna be salespeople from all parts of the country.

So what can you do to help you close more B2B sales with the CEO?

That’s what your boy Ryan Stewman is going to talk about in this THC Podcast episode.

Ryan is going to tear through 5 ways you can increase your chances of closing more B2B sales with CEOs.

Let’s do this…

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5 Ways To Close B2B Sales With CEOs

1. Focus On Their Bottom Line

Your focus needs to be on your prospects bottom line, not yours.

Your focus is to provide them a product/solution that benefits them, not you.

Make it all about them and it will benefit you.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman talks more about focusing on their bottom line and how it benefits not just them, but you as well.

2. Uncover Their Struggle

Find out what their struggles are in their business and help them formulate a strategy to conquer that struggle.

When you uncover their true struggle you will have a much easier time presenting them the proper solution and closing on it.

So how do you uncover their struggle? Well, that’s the easy part, just listen.

In this episode, Stewman gives his top tips on how you can uncover the true struggle your prospects are dealing with in their business.

3. Sell The Solution, Not The Product

Don’t go into a deal selling a shiny product. Sell the solution that your product solves.

Selling solutions pay much better than selling products.

Nobody wants a mortgage, they want a house. Nobody wants a life insurance policy, they want the peace of mind knowing their loved ones are taken care of in the case of their untimely demise.

Ryan touches more on solution selling in this episode that will help you close more B2B deals.

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4. Follow Up

Follow up is what separates the amateur closers from the high paid professionals.

If you want to close more deals and get paid like a pro you need to follow up like a pro.

Following up when you are trying to close a CEO is just as crucial as any other prospect. Whether it’s B2B or not.

Ryan Stewman delivers some of his favorite follow up techniques in this episode that you can start doing today to help you close more B2B sales.

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5. Give Them What They Like (Football Tickets, Steak Dinner, Etc.)

You want to get the attention of the CEO and increase your chances of making them a client, bribe them. Bribe them with something they like.

Don’t waste your time and sound like every other salesperson out thereby inviting them for a Starbucks or something lame like that.

If they like the Dallas Cowboys, take them to a Cowboys game. If they like steak dinners, wine and dine em at the best local steak house.

Give them what they want, not what you want. No one gets excited about going for coffee and it won’t wow a CEO of any company.

Ryan shows you in this episode how with little intel you can find out what the CEO interests are and from there you can find the right thing to invite them to.

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