THC Podcast 079: 5 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn To Close More Sales

Posted on September 01, 2017

Ryan Stewman



LinkedIn is packed full of opportunities to make money. The average LinkedIn user is earning a minimum of six figures per year.

Earlier this year Ryan Stewman was thrown off of Facebook for 30 days so during that hiatus he decided to invest more time into LinkedIn and guess what, it paid off!

Stewman admits being late to the game on LinkedIn and he wishes he would’ve put more time into earlier on instead of focusing primarily on Facebook.

Ryan has been able to leverage LinkedIn to generate six plus figures to his companies and in this THC Podcast, he shares with you exactly how he does it.

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5 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn To Close More Sales


Compared to social platforms like Facebook, for example, LinkedIn is quiet. Not nearly the amount of engagement happens on LinkedIn as it does on Facebook.

That can, in fact, be an advantage for you.

When you engage in someones LinkedIn post with a comment the poster will without a doubt notice you.

Engage and comment on their posts enough, they will definitely notice you and when you do decide to reach out to them, they will know who you are.

In this episode, Ryan Stewman talks his “Dream 25” strategy and how you can put it in action right now on LinkedIn.

2. Shared Posts

A popular feature on LinkedIn is the LinkedIn blog.

The LinkedIn blog gives you a platform to show off your writing chops and have it distributed to people on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn blog is super easy to navigate and it is kick ass for SEO purposes.

If you see a blog post from a prospect you are hoping to close, make sure to share it and or comment on it. LinkedIn will notify the individual that wrote it and once again you will get their attention.They took the time to write it and will appreciate the fact you took the time to engage with their post.

Ryan talks more about this strategy in this episode and how easy it is to help you get in front of the right people.

3. Calls To Action

LinkedIn isn’t like Facebook. It’s not about sharing pictures of your kids, pets or the latest episode of “Game Of Thrones.”

LinkedIn is all about business, so don’t be afraid to talk about your business. Don’t be afraid to drop calls to action on your posts and within your blog posts, you share there.

Ryan Stewman operates on an 80/10/10 method.

80% content, 10% brand awareness and 10% call to actions.

Tune into this full episode of THC Podcast and learn more about using calls to action on LinkedIn that will help you make more sales.

4. Endorsements

LinkedIn has this cool feature called “Endorsements.” Endorsements are when someone goes to your profile and they endorse you for particular business skills that you have.

Endorsements are an easy way to show people what business skills you are savvy with and also gives you the chance to endorse your “Dream 25” prospects and gives you yet another opportunity to get their attention.

Stewman has a flawless strategy that utilizes LinkedIn endorsements and in this THC episode he lays it out for you on a silver platter.

5. Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations are basically testimonials. Recommendations allow you to write a testimonial for someone or have testimonials written about you.

Recommendations help you get in front of past clients and remind them you are there and what you do, and also give you yet another pressure free way to get the attention of your “Dream 25.”

Find out in this episode how Ryan Stewman uses recommendations and how they have helped him leverage LinkedIn to grow his businesses and brands.

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