THC Podcast 086: 5 Ways Anyone Can Close Sales With Facebook Live

Posted on October 23, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Facebook Live can be a valuable tool for closing more sales and every entrepreneur or salesperson should have it in their toolbox.

Facebook Live gives anyone with a smartphone the ability to syndicate live video content in the Facebook newsfeed. It’s like having your very own TV show, or better yet TV network.

Facebook Live video executed properly closes more sales and in this THC Podcast, your boy Ryan Stewman is going to talk about how it’s done.

Ryan shares with you on a silver platter in this episode tips you can put into action today that will drive your results.

Here is a quick preview of what you will learn in this episode:

5 Ways Anyone Can Close Sales With Facebook Live

1.Bold Title

Facebook is a busy place with a lot of noise going on so having a bold title for your live video is a must if you want to get a lot of eyeballs on it.

When you use a creative bold title that gives the viewer an idea of what they can expect when they watch your video.

Wet their appetite with a savvy title that speaks right to the viewer and they can’t help but tune into your video.

Ryan Stewman as always drops you some tips in this episode on how you can craft bold and creative titles for your Facebook Live streams that will get you more views.

2. Ask Questions

It is not some big secret that asking questions is a great way to drive engagement, especially on Facebook.

What makes asking questions cool on live streams is your ability to respond and react to peoples answers during your stream.

Facebook Live videos give your audience a chance to feel part of the stream by answering your questions in real time and getting to hear your insight and response to their answers.

Asking questions (especially good questions) is a powerful tool for closing sales and it works via Live video just like it does in person or over the phone.

In this episode, Stewman lists some of his favorite go-to questions and how you can take them and make them into your own.

3. Ask For Engagement

The more likes, comments, and shares your Facebook Live video gets, the more people Facebook will put that video in front of.

The more people Facebook puts your video in front of in their newsfeed the more views it will get which of course will lead to more closed sales. Basic math you know?

Ask your audience to get involved and like comment and share your live video. If you ask them you will surely get more engagement on your video.

4. Keep Their Attention

In order for your Facebook Live video to be effective and help you make sales you’re going to need people to stick around and watch your video. To do that you will need to keep your audience’s attention.

The secret to keeping the viewer’s attention is by bringing content to the table that interests them. That can be educational or entertaining, it just needs to keep their attention so they sit through until the end.

Tune into the full podcast and learn some of Ryan Stewman’s expert tips for keeping your audience’s attention.

5. Call Them To Action (Link)

If you want to close more sales using Facebook Live videos you are going to need to ask your audience for their business.

You need to include in every Facebook Live video a call to action of some shape or form.

Closed mouths don’t get fed and salespeople who don’t ask for the sale, never get paid.

Stewman shares some tips for your calls to action, so you can start putting more sales on the board using Facebook Live.

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