THC Podcast 087: 5 Things Professional Salespeople Should Never Say To A Prospect

Posted on October 30, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Welcome to episode 86 of The Hardcore Closer Podcast, the most hardcore sales podcast in the world.

If you have been here before you know that in each episode Ryan Stewman is dropping tips and must-do strategies that help you smash your goals and get you paid what your worth, but in this episode, we are doing things a little different.

In this episode, Ryan Stewman is talking about things you shouldn’t do. This episodes topic is 5 things professional salespeople should never say to a prospect.

Sales can be blown and lost simply by the salesperson saying the wrong thing to a prospect. Ryan goes over 5 of the most common things salespeople say to a prospect that they should not.

Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect in this episode…

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5 Things Professional Salespeople Should Never Say To A Prospect

1. “Thank You For Your Time”

When you say “thank you for your time” to a prospect you are pretty much saying your time is worth nothing and only their time is valuable.

If you present to prospects that your time has no value they will start to treat your time like it has no value.

Ryan Stewman has some other word tracks and phases you can use that thanks prospects for your time but doesn’t devalue yours.

2. “So…Do You Want To Buy It”

Never ask a prospect “so… do you want to buy it?” A true sales professional never asks if a prospect wants to buy it, they already have assumed that they do want to buy it.

Asking a prospect “do you want to buy it” shows that you are unsure and maybe you don’t believe that your product/service is the right one to solve the prospect’s problem.

In this episode, Ryan Stewman talks more about the problems that can occur when you ask a prospect “so…do you want to buy it?”

3. “If That Works For You”

Don’t ask your prospect “does that work for you?” When you ask a prospect if it works for them you are insinuating that there is still some “wiggle room” on the price.

No matter what the price is and how much of a discount you may be already giving your prospect, it is never enough. Especially if you ask. So don’t ask.

In this episode, Ryan talks about a buying experience he just went through and how the phrase “if that works for you” almost blew the sale for the salesman.

4. “Why Don’t You Like It”

If you can sense and or see that your prospect doesn’t like your product/service don’t address it with asking “why don’t you like it?”

When you ask your prospect “why don’t you like it” it will spark them to start spitting out negative comments (and thoughts) about your product or service which will then sell them even more on why they don’t like it.

Instead of asking what they don’t like about it, ask what they do like about it. Give your prospect the opportunity to say good things about your product and they will buy it.

Learn more in this episode on how you can spin your prospects negative thoughts into positive thoughts when it comes to your product/service.

5. “That Doesn’t Matter”

Never respond to an inquiry or question from a prospect with “that doesn’t matter.”

The truth is, maybe in the bigger picture it doesn’t matter but if the prospect asks it matters to them at that point and time.

Responding to a prospect with “it doesn’t matter” is disrespectful and is not providing them all the information they may need to make a decision.

Listen to this full episode and Ryan gives an example of a salesperson responding to him with “it doesn’t matter” and what his response was to it.

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