THC Podcast 089: 5 Ways You Can Generate FREE Leads With Instagram

Posted on November 12, 2017

Ryan Stewman



It’s no secret that Facebook is a powerful tool for generating leads and closing sales for any industry.

Most successful marketers and entrepreneurs have a strategy in place for Facebook that deliveries results but when it comes to Instagram, not so much.

Marketers might have a strategy for Instagram but are they getting the results they are looking for? In most cases that answer is a no.

Ryan Stewman and his marketing team at Hardcore Closer have been testing several strategies on Instagram and have discovered how to generate leads for free and close multiple six-figures worth of sales via the platform.

In this THC Podcast episode, as always Ryan Stewman is laying on you his top five tips that anyone can do to start generating FREE leads with Instagram.

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5 Ways You Can Generate FREE Leads With Instagram

1. Hashtags

Instagram hashtags allow you to search specific keywords that are relevant to your industry and you can see all the posts that contain those hashtags in the post.

Searching hashtags is an easy way to discover and engage with your target prospect on Instagram.

Ryan Stewman goes over in detail his strategy for hashtags and how it helps him generate more leads and close more sales using Instagram.

2. Chat Groups

Chat groups on Instagram are super valuable in several ways and most entrepreneurs/salespeople are not tapping into this powerful resource.

Chat groups are a great way to send and receive referrals and they also serve as a way for you to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Make sure you dial into this full episode and you will learn more about the different kind of Instagram chat groups and how he leverages them for more leads and sales.

3. Instagram Videos

Videos are effective pretty much across the entire web and of course that includes on Instagram as well.

The Instagram algorithm seems to be very partial to video content which helps position your posts organically in front of more of your audience.

Instagram is constantly adding to what you can do with videos on their platform and at the time of recording this episode you have several different ways to use your videos on Instagram.

Ryan breaks down the different ways you can use video on Instagram and also how you can make your Instagram videos more effective so you get the level of results you are looking for.

4. Commenting

Once you know who you are prospecting on Instagram you need to start commenting on their posts. Start engaging with them on a regular basis.

A simple comment on a Facebook post, for example, can easily go unnoticed because Facebook is far noisier and crowded then Instagram.

The chances of your prospect noticing your comment and maybe even replying back are far greater than on Facebook.

Inside this episode, Stewman deliveries his step by step system for commenting on Instagram and how he uses it to drum up leads and close sales.

5. Direct Messages (DMs)

Ryan Stewman has a system he lives by on Facebook called the “Lucky 7 Method.”

The “Lucky 7 Method” takes place over 7 days with 7 different prospects on Instagram where you are executing 3 actions for each person daily.

One of these actions is sending your prospects a direct message (DM).

Direct messages are super effective on Instagram because again your prospect is receiving far less DM’s on Instagram then they are receiving on Facebook. This will increase the probability of your prospect seeing your message and responding.

Ryan breaks down his “Luck 7 Instagram Method” in this episode and how he uses direct messages as the icing on the cake for more leads and more sales.

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