THC Podcast 093: The Top 5 Reasons You Suck At Sales

Posted on December 13, 2017

Ryan Stewman



I know it might be hard to stomach but if you suck at sales there is no one to blame but you.

The sales industry is an amazing opportunity and crowns new millionaires on a regular basis but what the industry has more of is salespeople that suck at selling.

Do you think you suck at sales? Are you sick of being on the bottom of the sales board month in and month out? Don’t worry, always your boy Ryan Stewman has you covered.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is going to drop on you like a bombshell the top five reasons you suck at sales.

Once you know what the reasons are you can go back and fix them.

Let’s do this…

The Top 5 Reasons You Suck At Sales

1. You Talk Too Much

Too much talk is one of the worst enemies of a salesperson.

We all have seen a salesperson talk themselves in and out of sales on multiple occasions.

We all (well most of us) have two ears and one mouth. Use them accordingly.

In this episode, you will learn more about how when it comes to sales, he who sales the least closes the sale.

2. You Lack Product Knowledge

If you are not an expert when it comes to product knowledge regarding what you sell, you are going to have a hard time closing sales.

In order to convey to your prospect the value of your products, you are going to have to show them. Product knowledge is what it takes to do that.

Ryan Stewman goes deeper into the importance of product knowledge and how not having it will kill your sales productivity.

3. You Don’t Follow-Up

If you heard it once, you heard it a million times, “follow-up equals sales.”

Too many people are hung up on the one call close which let’s face it, most cases it takes more than just that one call.

If you want more sales, follow-up more with your prospects. Give them more opportunities to say yes to your offer.

In this episode, Stewman goes into further details regarding the power of good follow-up.

4. You Don’t Prospect Enough

The top producers are always prospecting. You can’t make a sale if you don’t have any prospects to sell to.

You should be prospecting every day and always adding new prospects to your pipeline.

The good news is that in this modern marketplace you can set up your prospecting on autopilot.

Stewman gives some topics and more details on prospecting like a pro day in and day out.

5. You Feel Entitled

Having an attitude of entitlement and walking around thinking you are owed a damn thing is a recipe for failure.

It doesn’t matter that you might be pulling more hours than the next guy, and feel like you are the hardest worker it still does not entitle you to more sales, leads, and opportunities.

Nobody owes you nothing. That’s just how it is.

Ryan Stewman talks more about the sickness that is feeling entitled and how it will kill your chances of being successful.


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