THC Podcast 096: 5 Steps To Crushing All Your Goals In 2018

Posted on January 04, 2018

Ryan Stewman



It’s a New Year so you know what that means for most of us? New goals!

Most salespeople and entrepreneurs are mapping out and set their new goals for the next 12 months so we felt it would be only fitting to drop some content for you all about crushing your goals.

In the final THC Podcast of 2017, Ryan Stewman is laying out 5 steps to crushing your goals in 2018.

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5 Steps To Crushing All Your Goals In 2018

1. Focus

Once you have your goals written down and defined it’s time to focus on them.

Out of sight, out of mind so some way or another keep your goals in plain sight so you can stay later focused on them.

Avoid distractions hone in on your goals and don’t let anyone distract and take you off your path.

In this episode, Ryan Stewman goes deeper into focus and some tips on how you can stay focused.

2. Plot

Boom! So now you have your goals defined, it’s time to plot and plan on how you are going to accomplish them.

You can’t go out into the marketplace trying to wing it. You need to go out your goals with a strategic plan.

You need to plot and plan on how to reach your goals if you ever truly want to reach your goals. You need to draw out a strategic plan like a war general.

Ryan shares in this episode some of his best tips for plotting and planning for your goals like a war general.

3. Take Action

It doesn’t matter how much you plot and how great your plan is to reach your goals. It is worthless if you’re not taking the actions required to get them done.

Your plan should be what its gonna take to reach your goals so now all you need to do is execute on those plans by taking action.

If you are not willing to get out there and take the action required to reach your goals, you will never accomplish them. That’s a harsh fact.

Stewman drops more bombs and facts about taking action in this episode that will help fuel your fire.

4. Stay Consistent

So now your focused, plotted a plan and you are taking action. You are on the way to crushing your goals. Well almost…

You can’t just go out there and do this one time and expect things to happen. You have to do all these on a consistent basis. Without exception, without fail.

If your plan is good you will know what actions you need to take on a daily to get closer to your goals so now you just need to deliver on them consistently.

Staying consistent can be a challenge t times but fear not, your boy Ryan Stewman has you covered in this episode with some tips and hacks to help you be more consistent.

5. Don’t Stop

The last but far from least step to crushing your goals this year is “don’t stop.”

Making things happen in any competitive marketplace is not easy work. It’s hard, hence why most people never reach true success. The ones that do make it all have at least this one thing in common…

They Do Not Stop!

It doesn’t matter how hard it gets or how it feels like you will never reach your goal you do not stop.

Stewman talks more about this in this episode and how you can stand up to anything and still keep pushing towards your goals.


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