THC Podcast 102: Getting Paid What You’re Worth

Posted on February 17, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Salespeople and entrepreneurs from around the globe are notorious for selling themselves short and never realize what their true worth is.

Salespeople in multiple industries are underpaid compared to the amount of money they are making for their employers and they are not getting paid what they are worth.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is going to show you how you can break free from making small time money to finally getting paid what you’re worth.

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Getting Paid What You’re Worth

1. Configure Your Cost Per Hour

In order to get paid what you are worth you will need to configure what your hourly cost is.

How much is your time worth? How much do you want to make a day and how long do you want to work each day?

When you know what your time is worth you are on your way to getting paid what you are worth.

In this episode, Ryan Stewman shows you how you can easily configure what your cost per hour is so you can start getting paid what you’re worth.

2. Make Yourself Big Ticket Not Low Ticket

A big mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs and salespeople are making today is selling themselves short. They are not putting enough value on their time/services.

Make yourself a big ticket item, not a low ticket. Charge more for your time/service and you will make more money and will work less.

Being a big ticket item does not mean you will sell less regardless of what you might think or hear.

Ryan talks more about the “big ticket strategy” and how you can start charging more for your time/services today.

3. Ask For All The Money

The biggest mistake salespeople and entrepreneurs make in today’s marketplace is they just don’t ask for all the money. They are afraid to ask for “full price”.

Full price is a fair price so why do most entrepreneurs/salespeople fear asking prospects for all the money?

If you do not ask you will never receive so why not at least ask for all the money from the jump? You never know, the prospect might just lay down for you.

In this episode, you will learn Stewman’s approach to asking for all the money and how you can start getting all the money from your prospects and stop selling yourself short.

4. Work Hard For It

If you want to be paid what you’re worth the one thing you can’t get around is working hard for it.

Like anything else in life if you want it you have to work hard for it. No exceptions.

If something is worth having it will require you to WORK HARD FOR IT.

How hard are you willing to work to get paid what you are worth?

In this episode, Ryan talks about work ethic, why it’s crucial to your success and what it really means to work hard for it.

5. Have High Value For Yourself

If you want to be paid what you’re worth if you want to be a high ticket and want the right to ask for all the money you will need to have a high value for yourself.

You have to know you are worth it. If you don’t have a high value in yourself why the hell would anybody else?

Ryan discusses in this episode how he was able to shift his mindset and start having a high value for himself.

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