THC Podcast 105: 5 Ways To Deal With Copycats

Posted on March 06, 2018

Ryan Stewman



People always say “imitation is the greatest form of flattery” and although that may be true, having someone hack or blatantly copy your idea/work/product it still sucks.

The bigger you get and the better your ideas get the more copycats will start hacking and biting your shit.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is talking about copycats and how you can deal with them effectively to maybe make them think twice before they try to hack your shit next time.

Stewman is no stranger to copycats and hacks and in this episode, he shares his experiences with you so you can be ready to deal them when it happens to you.

5 Ways To Deal With Copycats

1. Be The Best

If you are bringing your A-game to the table and being the best at what you do, it will make it hard for the posers, hacks, and copycats to steal your idea/product/work.

Everybody wants to do business with the best. 

If a copycat tries to knock off what you are doing but the levels of quality will be so different the marketplace will push them out of the way for you.

In this episode, Ryan Stewman goes further into how being the best is a copycats biggest fear.

2. Have That Shit They Can’t Hack

There are certain things that even the biggest copycat can’t hack it.

Nobody but you can be you (if you are being genuine) and that no matter how someone tries they can never hack.

A physical product that you can hold in your hand can obviously be copied and hacked but when your product/service is you that’s that shit they can’t hack.

Ryan talks about what he brings to the marketplace that no matter how hard they try they just can’t hack and how you can find what you have no one can hack.

3. Time Stamp To Prove You’re The OG

If you want to back up your claims that you were the first one to launch/create/do something, make sure you have some kind of time stamp to prove you were the original one.

Social media and the web, in general, have made it easier than ever to time stamp your work or ideas.

If you want to prove to someone that you were the originator a digital timestamp is the easiest most cost-efficient way to do so.

Ryan Stewman shares with you in the episode how he uses social and other digital channels to time stamp his ideas/products/etc to prove he is the OG of it.

4. Bury Them Marketing

If someone “bites your style” or “hacks your idea” you can use marketing to bury them.

If someone copies your idea/product/etc it won’t mean a thing if you are marketing yours better and more often.

Is this the most cost-effective route you can take, no but it does work and people will see you as the originator.

Ryan has used marketing to bury copycats in the past and in this episode, you will learn exactly how he does it.

5. Call Them Out (If They Have A Bigger Or Equal Following)

If someone copies and hacks your work don’t be afraid to call their asses out.

The only time you want to call out a copycat is if they have a bigger or at least an equal size following as you.

You don’t want to call them out if their following is smaller because you would be doing them a bigger favor than you would be hurting them. You would basically be promoting them and that they do not deserve.

Stewman has called out many people over time and in this episode, he talks about in more detail why you should NEVER acknowledge any copycats that have a smaller audience than you do.

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