THC Podcast 106: 5 Tips For A Better Work/Life Balance

Posted on March 17, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Passionate and hardworking entrepreneurs/salespeople often struggle with finding a work/life balance that allows them to do their job and have a life outside of their job.

Is there really such thing as a “perfect” work/life balance?

Your work/life balance will never be perfect but it can definitely be better.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is talking about how you can make your work/life balance better than what it is currently.

When it comes to a busy schedule and heavy workload Ryan is very familiar with it so he has had to make adjustments in order to make his work/life balance better.

In this episode, Ryan shares his top 5 tips for having a better work/life balance.

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5 Tips For A Better Work/Life Balance

1. Wake Up Early And Work

If you feel there is just not enough time in the day, you need to create more time.

How can you create more time?

One of the easiest ways to do so is by waking up earlier every day and getting your hustle on!

Wake up early while your family/friends/etc are still sleeping so you can get things done and free up more time and improve your work/life balance.

Ryan has talked numerous times in the past on how important waking up early has been for his success and in this episode, he shares how it helps improve his work/life balance. 

2. Work Efficiently

Get the most out of your time and work as efficiently as possible.

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you are getting shit done.

Working efficiently means you are getting the most output with the least input. If you put the most input you will get 100x output.

In this episode, Ryan shares some of his go-to tools and other ways he makes sure he is working as efficiently as possible.

3. Schedule Everything

A key to improving your work/life balance is schedule everything.

Don’t just schedule your daily work and business tasks, but also schedule your personal tasks like dinner with a spouse/friend or one of your kid’s little league game.

Put both personal and business tasks, appointments and plans on your schedule and just live by that schedule 100%!

That can be easier said than done so in this episode, Stewman shares with you how he uses his schedule to make it work/life balance better.

4. Set Aside Time For Yourself

Make sure with all the hustle and noise going on that you take some time for yourself. Like just you flying solo!

Schedule yourself some time to do something by yourself that you find enjoyable.

This could be going out to eat and have a few drinks by yourself or taking a hike or whatever you personally have fun doing.

In this episode, Ryan goes deeper into the importance of spending some alone time doing something 100% for you.

5. Set Aside Time For Relationships

Just like you should schedule yourself some time for yourself you need to set aside time for the people in your life.

Your spouse, kids, friends, and family care about you and want to spend some time with you so make sure you set it up so you never miss a date.

Ryan goes into deeper detail on the importance of setting aside time for relationships and how is able to spend time with his loved ones even with his insanely busy schedule.

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