THC Podcast 107: 5 Tips For Creating A Digital Product/Course That Sells

Posted on April 01, 2018

Ryan Stewman



If you are a coach or consultant and you want to start generating passive income for your business to go to the next level there is no better way to do this than by creating a digital course/product.

A digital course/product is a powerful way for anyone that sells information to add another stream of income to their business.

Ryan Stewman has generated multiple seven figures from selling digital products/courses and in this THC Podcast episode, he is going to share his top 5 tips for creating a digital product/course that sells.

5 Tips For Creating A Digital Product/Course That Sells

1. Know Who You’re Selling To

The key to selling anything successfully is knowing who you are selling to.

If you think that your product is for everyone it is for no one. Nothing is for everyone.

When launching a digital product when you know who you’re selling to you will know what marketing channels to use and what to say in your messaging so it resonates with them.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman shares with you how you can identify who you are selling to so you can launch a successful digital product.

2. Know What Your Marketplace Wants/Needs

Once you know exactly who your customer is now it’s time to figure out what they want/need. Where is the void in the marketplace?

You are not creating a digital product for you, you’re creating it for your customer based off of their needs/wants.

If you create a digital product that fills a void/want/need in the marketplace you are on your way to launching a successful digital product.

Ryan shares with you in this episode ways you can discover what your customer needs/wants so you can create the product to fill that void.

3. Good Copy Is Key

One of the key benefits of creating and selling a digital product is it gives you the ability to sell it pretty much on full autopilot.

If you are going to sell your digital product on autopilot you are going to need to have some killer sales copy to help you sell it.

If you don’t have good copy in your sales pages, email follow-up and ads you will have a hard time making sales on autopilot.

In this episode, Stewman gives some of his top copywriting tips and goes deeper in why it is crucial to the success of your digital product. 

4. You’re Gonna Need To Advertise

You could flawlessly execute on everything above that we covered but if no one sees your sales pages and product how the hell are you going to make sales?

If you want to make sales you need to get your offer in front of the right people and the way you do that is via advertising.

The more you advertise the more sales you will make.

Ryan Stewman talks more about advertising and how you can leverage different advertising channels to make you more sales.

5. Backend Delivery Types

You can make some pretty good money selling digital products but the backend products is how you get rich.

When a prospect purchases your digital product you will want to have some upsells and down sells to offer them after they make a purchase with you.

The first purchase from a prospect is the hardest and most expensive sale you will make but once you make that sale the second, third, and so on are much easier.

Ryan shows you in this episode how you can tap into the backend and make even more sales to each prospect that enters your sales funnels.

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