THC Podcast 108: 5 Signs The Prospect Doesn’t Want To Buy From You

Posted on April 10, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Even the best closers in the world can’t make every sale.

Not all prospects whether they need your product/service or not will buy from you.

If a prospect won’t buy from you, it’s probably not personal so when you know they aren’t going to buy from you it’s time to cut your loses and move on to the next one.

Time is money and you don’t want to waste it on a prospect who is not going to buy from you.

In this Hardcore Closer Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is going to show you how you can tell when a prospect doesn’t want to buy from you so you can save yourself some time and move on to the next opportunity.

5 Signs The Prospect Doesn’t Want To Buy From You

1. You Cold Called Them

You really want to turn most possible prospects off from doing business with you, try cold calling them.

They call it cold calling for a reason and it’s not a good one.

Nobody wants to be pitched cold from someone they don’t know and the chances of you closing clients on a cold call are super slim so why not find a more productive way to spend your time?

In this episode, Ryan Stewman lays out for you why cold calling possible prospects is not a good way to get them to buy from you. 

2. They Keep Trying To Get Away From You

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that if a prospect is not answering calls and blowing you off it’s obvious they don’t want to do business with you.

When a prospect is doing everything they can to get away from you even if they need your product/service they most likely won’t do buy from you so why even waste the time?

Ryan Stewman goes into further ways you can tell when the prospect is trying to get away from you so you can stay focused on prospects that will actually buy from you.

3. They Told You “No” Instead Of Giving You An Objection

Objections from a prospect are a sign of a buyer.

When a prospect tells you “No,” they most likely do not want to buy from you. When a prospect says “No” they have made a decision.

No means no!

In this episode, Ryan Stewman talks more about hearing the word “No” from a prospect and how to identify as a genuine response.

4. They Pawn You Off On Someone Else

When you are following-up with a prospect and they pawn you off on someone else like an assistant, spouse, business partner, boss, etc they probably don’t want to do business with you and you should move on to the next.

When a prospect has no interest and but they are trying to be nice and are scared to say no they will try to pawn you off on someone else.

Stewman goes into what you can do when this happens and how you can keep the door open to do business possibly in the future.

5. They Slap You

This one might sound funny but Ryan is not referring to a prospect actually physically slapping you in the face.

When a prospect blows their lid and raises their voice or expresses their frustration and anger with you for following up they won’t do business with you.

In this episode, Ryan Stewman goes into how you can avoid it getting to this and part ways without the prospect having a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to you.

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