THC Podcast 113: 5 Ways To Stay Motivated When Feeling Burned Out

Posted on May 22, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Welcome to episode 113 of “The Hardcore Closer Podcast” hosted by Ryan Stewman. 

Burnout is part of the game and can happen to you easier than you think if you are not careful. 

As entrepreneurs, we get so laser-focused on our business and our goals we sometimes overlook things that help keep us from getting burned out. 

When you start feeling burned out what do you do to help keep yourself motivated and your eye on the prize?

In this “THC Podcast” episode, Ryan Stewman delivers you 5 ways to stay motivated when you are feeling burned out. 

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5 Ways To Stay Motivated When Feeling Burned Out

1. Find Your Way

The first way to stay motivated when you’re feeling burned out is to find your why.

Your why needs to be bigger than you, it needs to be bigger than just money.

A lot of entrepreneurs and salespeople (especially the ones feeling burned out) have zero why outside of themselves and cash. 

You need a true and genuine why.

In this episode, Stewman talks about finding your true why and how you leverage it to keep you motivated.

2. Tap Into Your Energy

When you start feeling unmotivated and burned out you haven’t tapped into your energy.

Yea you might feel tired and beat up but you do still have some energy left, you just have to learn how to tap into it.

When you feel like you got nothing left in the tank, you still have plenty.

In this podcast episode, learn how Ryan Stewman taps into in his energy reserve when he is feeling beat and keeps pushing forward.

3. Burn The Bridge Back

Not having a plan B, or simply just burning the bridge to go back can help you stay motivated.

If you have no place to go but forward you are going to do whatever it takes regardless of how burned out you may be feeling at the time.

Learn how Ryan Stewman uses this tactic to keep himself motivated no matter how he is feeling at the moment.

4. Embrace The Suck

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, there are parts of your day/job that flat-out suck. I thought of doing these things just kills your positive attitude.

The way to not let what sucks about your business/day is to embrace the suck.

Get the things that suck out of the way early. Check off your to-do list first all the tasks you hate doing. Embrace them and get them done.

In this episode, Ryan shares with you how he has embraced what sucks and it has helped him stay motivated and avoid feeling burned out.

5. Execute Until Done

Nothing is more motivating than finishing what you started.

When you start on something and never see it through to the end it wears on you and can make you feel burned out.

When you start something relentlessly execute on it until it’s complete.

Ryan is dedicated to finishing what he starts and it boils down to executing until it’s done.


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