The 5 Biggest Struggles Facing a Loan Officer Job in 2013

Posted on February 25, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Recently I sent out a survey to 100 producing LOs and asked them what the #1 struggle with their loan officer job is right now. Out of 100 responses I quickly saw a pattern. There are always a few “weird” answers but for the most part, the same issues are faced by all LOs nation wide.  

These days if you have been lucky enough to hold on to your loan officer job for any amount of time, you know the market enforces new rules on us every month. (or so it seems) The more regulation that gets implemented into our banks, the more paperwork thatLoan officer jobcomes along with the loan officer job. This paperwork takes away time from your prospecting abilities. Gone are the days of working 3 hour days and earning multiple six figures in annual income. Or are they?  

No matter what part of the country your loan officer job is in, you face struggles. There were some variances in the answers provided to me in the survey based on geographic location, but all in all, we face the same issue everywhere.  

I’ve conducted 100s of strategy sessions this year with loan officers. Each time I speak to a new LO, they tell me it is different in their marketplace. They say things like, “well, here, it doesn’t work that easy”, and other excuses. Funny thing is; there is some bad ass LO making big time money in every market across the USA.

So what does that guy/gal do that the average LO doesn’t?

After reviewing the results of the survey sent out to all of these loan officers, the same 5 afflictions hinder us all. I made this short video to not only show you what other LOs are saying about the struggles they face, but to also give you the solutions to these 5 issues.  

My solutions are always stoopidly simple. I’ll bet as soon as you watch this video you see that you are not alone in the struggles you face to grow your mortgage business. You will also see the simple solution to these problems that was right under your eyes all along.  

Enjoy the video

If you are ready to take your mortgage game to the next level and are tired of making excuses why you can’t continually make the money you want without working 90 hours a week, fill out the form below. Stop blaming underwriters, processors and appraisers. Take action and take control. It’s time you made the money you set out to make when you became a LO in the first place. Let’s you and I talk about your business and the areas you can improve in.


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