The Benefits Of Waking Up Early and Getting Shit Done

Posted on November 12, 2015

Ryan Stewman



A few years back, I was vacationing in Maui and a friend of mine said to me, “I wish I lived here. Not for the ocean, mountains or any of that, they are nice and all, but the time zone difference is perfect. Think, you can wake up at 3am and be done with work by 10am, which is 4pm EST. Then you can take a nap until 1pm and still have the whole day to hang out, and end up passing out at dark.”
I had an epiphany that day, which I’ll never forget. It didn’t matter what time zone location I was in, I could still follow his schedule. Why not wake up at 3am? Why not be done with work before lunch and have the rest of the day to yourself? I decided to try it. 
Turns out waking up early and getting shit done is f@cking awesome!
There are so many benefits to waking up early, that you’ll never know about it unless you try it. Yes, I’m aware that at first, it’s going to suck. Much like anything else, once you commit and make a routine of it, it becomes normal operating procedure. You may be tired the first few days, but that will make you sleep better and ultimately go to bed earlier, too. 
While everyone else is asleep you’re getting work done.
One of the best benefits of waking up early and getting shit done is that it’s really quiet from 3am to 8am. While everyone else is sleeping, you can respond to emails, work without distraction and stay focused on your tasks without interruption. Even from your family! My whole house is uncontrollably distracting when my family is awake. While they sleep, I get shit done. This allows me to spend better time with them when they are awake, and I’m work free. 
You spend less money by waking up early.
You know what they say about “nothing good happens after midnight”? It’s true. Hitting the bars, clubs and hanging out all night chasing tail can take a toll on you the next day. If you’ve been awake since 3am, you’ll most likely pass on the nightlife. You’ll be ready for bed when your friends are ready to party. 
It may suck at first, sacrificing your social life for work, but trust me, you can cry about it later in your Ferrari while they are out shopping for minivans. Even better is that by the time you see your people tired and hungover at work, you’re damn near done with your workload for the day. 
Afternoon naps rock when you’re an adult.
You know all that work you just did? The work that made you tired? It’s cool, you’re done with it all, so if you want to take a nap that’s cool, too! I love taking a nap from 2pm -4pm most days. It’s a chance for me to make a midday recharge. Inevitably there will be clients, emails and work stuff that comes in later in the day when I have a good nap, so I can handle business all evening if needed. 
It’s not that hard to switch up your sleeping routine.
Million Dollar Listing NY’s star Ryan Serhant just mentioned how much he loves waking up at 430am. He says it gives him a jump start on the day while the rest are asleep. I couldn’t agree more. The morning is my quiet time. A time for me to answer emails, solve problems and lay out the battle plan for my day. 
I’ll give you a run down of my daily routine so you can see for yourself the benefits of putting in the work while others sleep.
  • 430am (At latest) Wake up, get lemon water, hit computer to answer emails and write
  • 630am Head down the elevator to get coffee and shoot the shit with the neighbors
  • 730am Hit gym, get showered, breakfast, etc.
  • 9am Study hour for information, products, etc.
  • 10am Sales calls/training calls
  • 12pm Lunch 
  • 1pm Last set of sales calls
  • 2pm Meditate/nap
  • 4pm Back at the computer
  • 6pm Pick up kids
  • 7pm Dinner with family
  • 9pm Sleep

*Once a week, I go on a date night with Amy. We are usually in by midnight.*

The above schedule has me getting roughly nine hours of sleep each day and allows me tons of productivity. It also keeps me light years ahead of the competition, marketplace and life in general. If you really want to supercharge your productivity, you should start waking up early and getting shit done.
Waking up early gives you a competitive edge. 
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