The Best Mortgage Marketing Strategies to Attract Agents

Posted on June 02, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Certainty is what we sell these days. We sell certainty in ourselves, our products and our procedures. Without 100% conviction and confidence you will never sell anything no matter how great it may be. We all have this 6th sense built into us that will not allow us to “buy in” to something that does not represent surety. Good better best Once you have obtained certainty about your loan programs, processes, and closing times, you are then faced with a whole new issue you must address. Value. Agents can get loans, money, mortgages or whatever you want to call it, anywhere. You need to be able to offer something of value to your Agents that will urge them to pledge all of their business to you. So how do you add value? It’s not just value either, it’s tremendous value.  

These days you need to offer the best mortgage marketing strategies to attract Agents. The days of you making cold calls and bugging the piss out of Agents is gone. Especially since you have probably completely neglected Agents for the last 5 years or so due to the refi boom. I know you are probably saying “Ryan WTF is the best mortgage marketing strategy for me to use?” Don’t worry I got you.  

The best way to attract top Agents and get them to remain loyal to you is to find out what it is they are missing in their business. What marketing platforms are they not taking advantage of that you can help them with? In order to find out what they need you must do your research. You need to search the Realtor websites, forums and news sites. Find out what Realtors complain about and what they are looking for help with. Once you identify what that need is, you can then do some research on your end to learn how you can help Agents solve their problem.  

The best mortgage marketing strategy that I have used lately, is to show up at an open house and record a video of the Agent selling the home MTV Cribs style. I even ask my Agents to open the fridge during the filming. Agents love this strategy and it really does help them sell houses.  

You don’t need a fancy camera or anything like that. Show up with your android or iPhone and use the camera on your phone. Be sure to turn the phone on its side for best recording angles. Also be sure to have the Agent give the address of the home as well as their personal contact information on the video. After all, when people watch the video on youtube they will need the contact information of the Agent so they can buy the home!  

This blog is full of the best mortgage marketing strategies to attract the top Agents in your area. You don’t need to be fancy, super tech savvy or any of that. All you need to do is understand some simple processes that will benefit Agents and show them how to do it, or do it for them. Agents are overwhelmed these days and you get a chance to sort all that frustration out for them if you do it right. So search around this website and see which one of my kick-ass mortgage marketing strategy will work for you and your Agents.  

I can promise you this: No matter what marketing strategy you learn, if you don’s use it with an Agent or share the information with them, you will never add any value and therefore you will continue to hear Agents say things like “I’ve already got a lender” (I hate those words) Bring the value and the Agents will come running to your door. Agents talk to each other a lot, so if you do a good job for one, chances are others will seek you out.  

If you don’t know what you should be doing to attract more business into your pipeline, fill out the form below and let’s you and I have a serious chat about what it takes and what you have to do to survive in the mortgage game for the next 5 years. I’m not cheap but I’m the best. Plain and simple and I’m not afraid to say it. Fill out the form, let’s talk.

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