The Best Sales Follow-Up Process in Existence [Video]

Posted on June 19, 2018

Ryan Stewman



In case you didn’t know, the FU money in sales comes from the follow-up. When you follow up with a prospect, it’s a delicate balance between how they want to be followed-up and when to follow up with them. I’ve learned that in today’s society, we have become massively indecisive.

Prospects buy during three different timeframes.

They are either “right now” buyers, “coming soon” buyers or “someday” buyers. The first step to excelling in following-up is to identify which of these three timeframes your buyer falls into. Once you know this, you can set your follow-up process around them.

The biggest mistake salespeople make when it comes to follow-up is that they make it about them, and not the prospect. Follow-up should be all about the prospect. The more you tailor the follow-up to the prospect, the more they will like you, engage with your follow-up and eventually buy from you.

In this video, I go over the ultimate sales follow-up process and why you need to implement it immediately. If you don’t adopt this method, you are putting your follow-up in jeopardy. You will most likely run your prospects off and then they will ignore you.

Let’s be real, though, before you can follow-up with anyone you need leads. We live in a lead-driven society and if you are not collecting data on leads daily you will be out of business in the near future. Data is king right now and you should be collecting it every single day. The fastest and easiest way to build websites that collect data is with PhoneSites—a mobile landing page software. For more information on how you can use PhoneSites to collect leads visit

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