The Biggest Risk You Can Take Is To Not Take Risks

Posted on July 22, 2018

Ryan Stewman



In my lifetime I’ve seen hundreds of people fail because they were afraid to leave their comfort zones. I have worked in sales since I was 13 and in every job I’ve had, the winners took risks and the losers wanted to be comfortable. Even in sales, when you take a risk and ask the prospect for the business, you’re miles ahead of the guy who is afraid to ask for the business due to fear of rejection. 

The biggest risk you can take in life is to not take risks. 

No one ever became rich and successful without taking risks. As a matter of fact, the richest people in the world have taken the biggest risks. Let’s take Jeff Bezos for example. He risked his entire life, job and reputation to build Amazon. He risked it all. He still risks it all on a daily basis. Amazon has over 600,000 people. They are taking risks by hiring the right people and putting them in the right job. The risks never stop. As you level up you take more and more risks; they simply become more calculated risks. 
Without taking big risks I wouldn’t be where I am today. In 2010, when I left the mortgage business, I took a risk and started my own business. It was nowhere near an overnight success. Really, it was an overnight struggle. I made a little money, then took a bigger risk and lost all the money I’d made, plus all the money I’d had. I went flat broke and had to move in with my in-laws. It was embarrassing as fuck. I knew the rules of the game I was playing and this risk was a violation of the rules.

The Force of Average punished me.

I didn’t let that stop me from taking more risks. I didn’t put my tail between my legs and run away crying like a bitch. Instead, I learned from my mistake and corrected it. Then, after that, I took another risk. This time the new risk paid off and I got my business running in the direction that I wanted it to go. 

Risk taking has become a normal part of my life.

I risk money on investments, time on projects and my reputation on companies. Taking risks never stops either. If you are not constantly leaving your comfort zone to find bigger and better things, you’re not growing and if you’re not growing, it’s only a matter of time before a mediocre life is what’s in store for you. 
Every day I see people who want to improve in life but are scared to take a risk. I offer coaching for $5,000 for the year. We have over 2,000 clients and 99% of them are doubling their business and improving their mindset. I have an impeccable track record. Yet, I talk to people every day who are afraid to take risks. Not risks with their money. Not a risk on whether my stuff works or not. They are scared to take a risk on themselves doing the work. I’ve seen this happen for almost 10 years now. Then, a year or two later, the same person comes back to me, in the same place they were 24 months prior and asks why they aren’t growing. 

This entire planet is coded around risk.

If you want to grow your body, you have to risk lifting heavier weight. If you want to grow your bank account, you have to risk spending money. If you want to find the spouse of your dreams, you have to risk asking them out. Everything we do on this planet is based on risk and the bigger the risk, the greater the reward. 
Yet so many people haven’t figured this out and they live a risk-free-life but our lives are actually the biggest risk we will ever take. If you take the risk of not taking risks, you are risking it all. Hear me out: If we know this planet is all about risk and reward, yet most people don’t take risks, then if we apply the logic we know, the fact is most people will never get the reward
It’s always funny to me how this world works. The one thing we avoid doing is often the only thing that will get us what we want. We avoid taking risks thinking it will get us what we want when in reality taking the risk is the only way to attain what we desire. If you’re not taking big risks, it’s only a matter of time before the risk avoided is the catalyst that keeps you complacent. 
One of the risks most salespeople avoid is learning how to generate leads. When you can generate leads and close your own sales you become one of the most powerful salespeople on the planet. Most salespeople think lead gen is complicated and risky and until recently they were correct. There’s a new product out called “PhoneSites” that takes the complication away from lead gen. You can create a sales funnel from your mobile device or desktop in a matter of minutes without training or prior tech skills. Get a FREE 7-day trial at and see for yourself how easy it is. Take a risk on lead gen. It will pay off. I know it did for me. 

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