The definition of a salesman according to urban dictionary

Posted on January 07, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Listen up wussies, if you are in sales and are scared to call yourself a “salesman”, you need to grow a pair! urban dictionary

Don’t let the public guilt you into shame

We hear terms all the time thrown around like “used car salesman” or “slick talking salesman” all that is coming from an outsider is, jealousy. That’s right jealousy, nothing more nothing less. The world wishes they could do what we do, but the truth is most can’t. So what do they do? They hate on us.  

The good news about haters

Anytime anyone for any reason is talking about you, it’s a good thing. The simple fact that they gave you enough validity to rationalize about you in their free time. If you think about it, that’s power! So if they are hating they are actually helping you brand. Sounds crazy but if you are handling your business and are confident, they can’t hurt you, they only help you.  

The Buck Starts here

As salespeople we are the chief drivers of the world wide economy. Without customers there is no economy, with out sales, there is no customers. We may be the chicken or the egg but either way we come first. It’s up to us, salespeople, to get things back on track.   The more sales you make, the more jobs are created, the more people have money and need more products. It’s a kick ass non-vicious cycle! Our job is to drive sales and ultimately drive the economy.   The people in a salesman’s life that hate and doubt are never going to buy from you anyway. So why try to please them? DON’T TRY. On of my favorite sales sayings is “some will, some won’t, so what” keep it moving and focus on the good not the negative.  

So to end this blog post on a light note “FUCK URBAN DICTIONARY”   If you are wondering how you wound up here and why your friends recommended you check this site out, be sure to fill out the form below. Let’s talk about how my expertise can increase sales in your business, no matter what you do.

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