The Difference Between A Lead And Information

Posted on March 17, 2014

Ryan Stewman



About a year ago today, I was at this place in Anthem, Nevada called “Spa Nations” with some smart people. It was a “get shit done” gathering and Kevin asked everyone in the group what they needed.    

The number one answer as he asked the question was to each person was “I need more leads.” Each time someone would say they needed more leads Kevin would dissect their business and show them that was not their problem, they had leads, they just needed to convert.

When it was my turn, I said “I need more leads.” I think I was the only person that gave that answer that he said “ok” to. I was introduced (in person) to AJ Roberts aka sexy man beast aka strong ass dude who showed me how to generate leads on the innerwebs quickly.  

AJ took one of my videos, and showed me step by step how to create a funnel around it. Within 2 hours I had about 12 leads already. Or did I? You see, there’s a difference between leads and information. The longer I continued to work with AJ over the months, the more refined my funnels became.  

Allow me to share the biggest sales lesson I’ve ever learned.

A name, phone number, email and address from someone is not a lead, it’s just information. A lead is a name, phone number, email and information from someone who can buy and wants to buy your shit. Everything else is just information. Information can turn into a lead but it’s not necessarily a lead. So what is the difference between a lead and information? 

Track with me here:

That first video AJ created the funnel around had a strong call to action [CTA] at the end, just like all my videos. That CTA was “Fill out the form below for a FREE marketing strategy session with me.” I attracted 100s of potential clients. I use a service called wufoo, and each time a form is filled out I get a notice. I would get 12-30 wufoo forms a day.  

Be careful what you ask for. I didn’t know exactly what a lead looked like. I was happy to be on about 5 strategy sessions a day. I helped a shit load of people for free. Most people on these strategy sessions didn’t even get an offer from me. 99% of them were not a fit for what I do. I helped them right then on the phone with all sorts of free greatness, but they weren’t what I look for in my tribe.  

I got burnt out on free strategy sessions. They were taking away from my time helping clients. I thought to myself, “how can I attract ONLY the right kind of person to fill out these forms?” So I changed up my CTA to “Fill out the form ONLY if you are willing to invest hard work and money into growing your business.”  

Needless to say my abundant flow of forms filled with information stopped. I went from an average of 20 forms a day to 2. Yes, my shit was chopped down 90%. Guess what? Each time I got on the phone it was a sales call not a strategy session. The people who showed up were ready to make a move and weren’t fucking around for the most part.  

My sales crew freaked out. Their “lead flow” went down dramatically but the quality of the lead was on a whole new level. Now, my guWanted_More_Leadsys only had to make 1-2 calls to make a sale vs 7-11. It was scary as hell for all of us at first, but once we realized we made the same money, provided for clients better and worked less, we realized we hit the trifecta.  

Here’s the point: Just because you have people applying for your free shit doesn’t mean they have any intention to buy. Some of you love the game of converting people who really weren’t there to buy. I know it’s a good feeling I used to chase that high too. Just like every other high, that one comes with a low. They back out, don’t produce or worse yet, ask for refunds.  

Instead, try dialing in your marketing to only reach the perfect person you want to work with. I’ve tried to help the masses, it doesn’t work for me. It may work for you, I’m just saying it don’t for me. Instead, I focus on helping a very specific person that I can be 100% sure they will get large results from what I help them with.  

Information is the name, address, email and phone number of someone who saw your ad. A lead is information from a person who is willing and a great candidate to buy your shit. Once you know the difference and dial in on exactly who you want to work with, your quality of life will go up. I promise.  

I’m doing a LIVE 3 day event in Dallas, Texas real soon called Break Free Academy. I’m going to help 20 people break away from doing free shit. Free shit cost you money and can break your business. Once you break free, your sales power goes through the roof. Fill out the form to speak with me about the details. BUT ONLY IF YOU’RE SERIOUS AND WILLING TO INVEST IN YOURSELF.


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