The Do’s And Dont’s To Get Out Of The Funk

Posted on April 10, 2020

Ryan Stewman



As much as we’d like our sales numbers and income to continue in a positive trajectory forever, you and I know that’s not the case. Even crack dealers and pimps fall on hard times (so I’ve been told)!


Inevitably we will all face a downturn, and how we respond will determine how fast we get out of the slump. Before we get to some useful strategies, let’s briefly discuss what will NOT help your cause.

The Dont’s

Stop Your Pity Party

Don’t vent on social media about your woes. First of all, no one gives a shit! Second, most people want to do business with someone they feel is successful and knows what they’re doing.


If you’re letting the world know you’re struggling, all you’re doing is repelling, not attracting.

Quit Blaming

Don’t blame others. By accepting responsibility for your problems, you allow yourself to solve them. Blaming others means until ‘they’ change, nothing can change for you. When you start to label people as tire kickers or say they’re wasting your time, that energy will come off in the conversations you have.


Not everyone is ready to buy, but your job is to make sure they come to you when they are ready, and not make them feel like they’re a burden (which they shouldn’t be cuz your broke ass needs the sale!).


Ok, onto the good stuff…

The Do’s

Help Someone

One of the most effective strategies I have found over the years to break out of a slump is to simply help someone who can benefit from my knowledge. When we’re doing what we’re really good at and passionate about (in my case, helping people with their health and fitness), we tend to forget our woes.


We feel purposeful and our skillset shines through. This can often get us back in the right frame of mind we need to break through the slump.


When we get in a funk, we have pent up energy that needs to be released. If we don’t have an outlet, it can greatly affect our mood, which affects our mindset, which affects our sales. Get that aggression out by going and slinging some weights, doing some sprints, or banging on a tire with a sledgehammer.


On a chemical level, the body releases endorphins when we workout. Those endorphins elevate our mood and give us a temporary high. Ride that high right back into productivity.

Utilize what you KNOW

Have you ever been doing something, something you’re very comfortable with, something you’ve done a thousand times before, and all of a sudden you just forget every damn thing you know! It happens to the best of us.


Sometimes it’s a product of complacency, and other times we just get lazy, but when production is down it’s often because we stopped doing what got us there in the first place.


If you’re not hitting your revenue goals, take a close look at your processes and have an honest conversation with yourself about what you’re doing to produce. In many cases, it’s wise to revert back to the basics and the things you KNOW get results.


It’s fine to get fancy and explore new things, but never neglect what made you successful in the first place.


The next time you find yourself feeling the funk and stressed about the outcome, implement these strategies and get your ass back on track!


Aaannnddd GO!

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