The Fast and Easy Way To Increase Your Sales [Video]

Posted on July 07, 2018

Ryan Stewman



In sales, we all have the same goal: MORE! That’s really all we ever want. When people ask me “When is it enough?” I always say, “I don’t believe in limitations” because I don’t. I’m always looking for ways to increase my closing ratios, increase my lead flow and increase my income. After all, I got into sales NOT to have a limit on my income and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

That being said, MORE is not always easy to make happen.

Many of us hit plateaus. We get to a point and either get stuck and can’t pass it, or we get comfortable and don’t want to work harder. Either way, MORE becomes more of a struggle the more you get.

Half the problem with getting stuck is that we stopped doing what we did to grow. When we are starting out in sales, we do whatever it takes and then once we get a few sales under our belt we’re “too good” to do some of the same things that got us to where we are. When we abandon what worked, we reach an impasse and can’t keep growing.

I’m here to tell you the fundamentals should never get left behind.

The things that led to exponential growth, in the beginning, are the things that will continue to push your commissions beyond any limit the Force of Average tries to put on you. Never abandon the basics.

In this video, I’ll show you the fast and easy way to keep your growth trajectory headed in the right direction. I’ll show you some simple ways to keep closing sales and stay unstuck. I want you to remember though, sales is part two of the process. Without leads, there is no one to sell to. If you are not generating leads every day, you will get stuck and you will struggle to continue to grow. The easiest way to get leads is to use a sales funnel from 

Try it today and see how fast can capture leads that want to do business with you.

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