The Hardcore Closer Mentality (Why We Close More Sales ) [Video]

Posted on May 15, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Being a Hardcore Closer isn’t code for “pushy asshole.” It’s a lifestyle. I live by the Hardcore Closer code. What that means is that I’m 100% dedicated to making deals happen. Lots of people call themselves closers, but they are liars. A Closer is someone who knows how to put a deal together and solve a problem.

When you’re a Closer, you look for the opportunity and ability to make shit happen. Too often, I see salespeople drop the ball. They wait too long to respond to leads; they mistake “maybe” for “no” and they don’t push for the decision. When I say “push,” I don’t mean in an asshole way either. I mean they push for what’s right.

When I get the opportunity to close a deal, I look for every reason why the deal should work.

I look to make the customer happy and I attempt to do business the way the prospect would want it done.

I’m not just a seller. I’m a buyer. I buy shit every day. When I buy things, I think of the experience I went through that led to the sale. Oftentimes, I have to fight to become a buyer. For example, I’ve been trying to spend $750,000 on some homes and a car for a month now but I can’t find a damn decent salesperson who can move fast enough. Houses are flying off the market here and it takes speed to close. Most realtors I’ve been in contact with move at the speed of a snail. When the right one shows up, I’ll make him or her rich.

Watch this video about why Closers make more sales and the reasons for doing so. Also, after you watch the video, if you’d say you need more leads, I can help solve that problem. Leads are all around you. You just need the technology that helps you capture them. Sign up for PhoneSites and you can create lead-generating websites from your phone in under 5 mins.

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