The Last Thing You Need Is MORE Sales Training – Here’s Why [Video]

Posted on October 19, 2015

Ryan Stewman



Let’s get real here. How many sales books have you read? How many seminars and programs have you gone to? How many training programs have you bought? What about the amount of online videos about sales you’ve watched? The last thing your a$$ needs is more sales training. You know what you need? A kick in the a$$ to get you to implement what you know. 
In this video I’m gonna shame you to the point of tears. Just kidding lol. But seriously I’m going to open your eyes to some serious habits you have that are not serving you well. The first step to recovery is acknowledgment. I’ll help you become self aware so you can stop consuming and start closing.

The Last Thing You Need Is MORE Sales Training

In this spot I’d usually try and sell you on opting in to one of my kick a$$ sales programs but how big of a hypocrite would that make me in this setting? F*ck that. Your a$$ needs to just get to work dammit. 
But if you DO want my help kicking your a$$ into gear, and you’re ready to make the investment in yourself to do so, simply fill out the form below and we’ll talk biz-naz.

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