The Lazy Salesmen ‘s Way To Getting Rich

Posted on March 17, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Look, admit it…you got into sales because of the potential. You either felt the rush of a lay-down sale and made quick, killer money, or you knew someone who did.

Although that’s not the norm ’cause we know this shit can be hard, I’m going to show you how to make lay down sales the rule, not the exception.


Don’t get me wrong, learning how to overcome objections is A MUST when it comes to sales. The only time ‘NO’ means no is when you’re on a date…for everyday salesmen like you and me, “no” means you don’t quite understand the value yet.


Learning to bridge the gap and segway from a no, is as simple as asking another question. The Hardcore closer himself even has a set of objection cards that you can get to practice the word tracks. If you don’t have them, get them…it’s more than worth the cost.


What if you didn’t have to overcome objections once the closing conversation starts?

The Lazy Salesmen ‘s Way To Getting Rich

Here are 3 strategies I use every day to close more sales without the awkward moments that come when the prospect is afraid to move forward.

 1. It all began when I started noticing I was getting fewer objections when it was time to close the sale. We’d glide right into signing papers and collecting a deposit as if it was natural. I attribute it to several factors, and the #1 reason is I was telling them on our initial meeting what the main concerns are. I took the time to state the potential objection and what we have in place to eliminate that roadblock. Most of these came up from past experiences where I couldn’t overcome the barrier, and I lost the sale.

Over time, I had a list of these “roadblocks.” I knew when to present them in our initial conversations based upon their circumstances. Often, these lead to more in-depth discussions in our initial meetings that translated into “thoughtful reminders” from me in our closing conversations.


When people’s fears are heard, and groundwork is laid to prevent them from arising, they are quite interested in moving forward to the solution you provide.

2. People hate to be sold…but they LOVE to buy! So let’s make it easier for them, okay? If they hate to be sold…don’t be a salesman. Kind of like, don’t be a lounge lizard or a desperate douche. People smell desperation from a mile away. It might look good, it might sing good, but if it smells like poop…they know not to step in it. Instead, be a consultant. Think like a doctor, the best doctors have a “bedside” manner that assures you they are in control. Control of themselves, the situation, your life…so much so that we can forget they are salespeople too.

You don’t have to take their advice or recommendations, but most of us do…why? Because they make it easy for us to trust their recommendations by showing us the problem and how to best solve it to get you on your merry way again. They’ve mastered the art of being a consultant…and you can too.


3. Want to know the secret sauce I use every day to blend the 2 steps above together? It’s the best way I know to leverage your time and energy to engage with buyers, not browsers. It works for any business, offline or online, and you can start to see results in as little as 90 days. I started realizing that all of my potential clients are online, somewhere in social media.


What if I began “speaking” to them before they were even looking for what I had to offer? What if I started visiting clients and asking them about their experience working with us? How about doing a quick video myself or post on social media about potential concerns of my perfect client and how we have measures in place to nullify those worries.


Maybe by displaying my understanding of my ideal client, I could begin to be seen as the authority in my field and becoming a perceived expert in my industry. What if I showed them that I’m human and do things other than just business. Here are my hobbies, my community involvement, and even fun times with my family and great friends.


What if I began to create the “know, like, trust” factor with them and helped them to see me as more than just a transactional relationship to be had?


Once I started doing this regularly and had a system in place for them to easily communicate with me when they were ready to move forward, they began reaching out to me…NOT me to them. It was if they already knew me even though we were talking for the first time. The sale has become a natural conclusion to a great conversation.


You should try it…because it works. If you need help understanding how to implement this kind of system, that’s what APEX is all about. You can apply here:

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