The Power of Educational Content Marketing and Why You Should Use It

Posted on July 14, 2021

Ryan Stewman



Look, for the sake of this conversation, there are two types of people in the world; givers and takers.

As simple as that sounds, there are shades of gray between those 2 extremes and if you’re looking to use educational content marketing as a way to attract your ideal clients, I have some tips for you that have helped me generate millions of dollars in sales online.

When I first started down the road of marketing, I was deathly afraid of displaying the REAL nuggets that made my programs unique.  I thought the idea was to be so good at showing confidence, or dressing right, or a million other things that would give the impression that I’m worth someone giving me their name, email, or money.

In short, I thought it was a popularity contest.

Don’t get me wrong, you can lose someone quickly if you don’t pay attention to quality of production, but the problem arises when you’re just another marketer competing with marketers.  Following this train of thought, I was always chasing the dollar so I could afford the best hardware and software so I could LOOK like the pros.  It’s a dangerous and slippery slope too because it’ll have you watching the internet’s version of late night infomercials.  We all know that’s for lost and desperate souls too.  You can get lost in the vortex of constantly buying and upgrading your personal education without ever putting your products and services out there to make sales.

The truth behind it is that the more you research, the more you buy, the more desperate you become.  This also starts to make you believe that what you have to offer isn’t good enough for people to buy.  I know…because I got caught in it for a short time, and it was the worst possible time in my online business career to do it.  Over the years, and with my mentor’s help, I was able to see that there’s a much faster path to the cash that doesn’t require me to compete dollar for dollar with those who can afford it.

As I started to dissect  what the great online marketers were doing to attract so many people to buy their products and services, I began to see a pattern.  They were literally giving away their best information for FREE with educational content marketing.  When I bought their programs, there wasn’t any secret hack.

There wasn’t a magic button to push and there certainly wasn’t a pot o’ gold at the end of their $497 rainbow.

Nine times out of ten, their program simply walked me step by step through the process that had attracted me to buy from them in the first place. I also learned that they used educational content marketing over a period of time. Meaning what initially drew me in wasn’t the end of the conversation.  Follow up with email marketing, reminding me of the benefits, and even offering MORE education if I was willing to take action and click on the link in the email, was a way to keep the conversation going.  In essence, every time someone offered me more value, I was getting to know their style, their value, and their dedication to delivering on what they promised.  As long as they could hold my attention overtime, they were building “know, like,  and trust” with me.

The more I moved toward trust, the more often I was willing to buy.

Well, if they could do it, so can we.
Let me show you how:

Let’s say you have a cool way of helping people with something and you’ve narrowed the steps down to 7 critical things they MUST do to get a result.  Knowing that people take information in differently, there are 3 main ways to deliver educational content to best connect with people searching for a solution that you can provide.

People are usually visual, auditory, or both.

Why not use all three?

Writing a 7 step ‘How to’ guide, called “white paper” in our industry, is one way to get your information out.  This would use the visual approach.

Another path to take is to start a podcast , where you deliver the content to the ears of your listeners.
Finally, you can combine them both and do a video where you simply use your computer’s desktop or stand in front of a white board and educate people.

There is no “correct” way.  Only the way that people prefer the information, and YOU are best at delivering.  I promise, that as you practice, you’ll get better and you can start using multiple techniques to engage as many as possible.

Today, there are so many inexpensive ways to get your information to people too.  From live videos on social media with your phone, auto responders, and websites with blogs…the list goes on.  The idea is it’s MORE important to display value and be authentic than ever before.  Quit trying to IMPRESS people and simply impress upon them WHY the information you’re sharing has helped you and, more importantly, can help them.

The hazard that most people fall into is they aren’t consistent enough for LONG enough to see a result.  The idea that you put it out there on auto pilot and forget about it just won’t work in most cases.  You MUST start with the process of educating people and continue to create more and more content around it, constantly pointing people back to how you can help them.  With so many distractions today, you’ll leave the lion’s share of money on the table if you don’t.

Also, don’t be afraid to give away your best information for FREE while you’re utilizing educational content. 

So many people are willing to have you hold them accountable to DO THE STEPS you show them in your offer.  By giving them the results up front, you can simply ask them if they’d like help with implementing those results in exchange for money.

If YOU need help with putting all of these steps together, our program Apex Entourage will show you step by step how to do it.  We utilize social media to create endless organic leads by properly executing educational content marketing.  I’ve done it, as well as hundreds of others from every profession.  If you’d like to learn more, click here: Check out Apex

Educational Content Marketing works…like nothing else I’ve ever seen online.  Learn to use it correctly and within 90-120 days, you can have your ideal clients reaching out to you.

Until then, I’ll see ya in the trenches

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