The Power of Great Podcast: Guest Spot with Matt Crane

Posted on November 13, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Matt Crane specializes in sharing the air with people who have realized their current situation is not their destiny. That’s a pretty damn good fit for who I am and what I stand for. Listen to a little wisdom-dropping and then get inspired…just like I did. And the timing couldn’t be better because just yesterday I got my first sales plaque for “Salesman of the Month” since I left the sales world.


Five reasons you need to listen to this podcast and get the full story:

1. The Origin of the Hardcore Closer

It’s not what you think. I’m not a toughass (much), but the name does have a special meaning to me. This one’s for you, Eugenia. (Press play to get the inside joke!)


2. The Moment I Knew I was Going To Be  a Salesman for the Rest of My Life

I was eight years old. I’m telling you, the work ethic is hardcore ingrained. This is how I discovered the phenomena of commission. This is my come-up.


3. With a couple of go-rounds, from the top and back again, I learned a few lessons…

Prison changed my life for the better forever. Some CSI shit went down and I survived so much the wiser and without serving a 25-year sentence.


4. I am who I am…finally.

So, let me ask you…are you living in your truth? Are you being honest with people about who you are?


5. Learn about the DNA code, how it programs you into who you are supposed to be and how it plays into how you are supposed to fulfill your purpose.

And…what happens when you don’t strive for the dream you are hard-wired to answer in your life.


Thanks to Matt Crane, for letting me share more inspiration, more resources and allowing me to share another channel for me to help the peeps I love the most: the salespeople.


As always, if you want help, I am here. It’s what I am DNA-coded to do. Just click on the banner below to get in touch with me today.

Thanks for listening!


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