The Pre-Approach

Posted on February 08, 2021

Ryan Stewman



What have you done to prepare for a customer?

Mapping out your customer experience is a very important part of the sales process; however, it is one of the most neglected. A customer’s first impression of you or your company, and the way you do business, can be a great help or hinderance to closing a sale. We must make every effort to make our customer’s initial impression a favorable one.

Some of the areas that customers perceive to form a judgment (good or bad) about us:

Condition of the building & parking lot
Advertising & signage
How the staff is dressed and groomed
Body language & facial expressions
Decorations & cleanliness
Online it is the quality of the ad we present, the layout of our landing page & website, and how easy it is to navigate.

Have you ever walked every step of your sales process?

This is the chance to literally going to the drawing board and examine each piece of your steps the customer must go through from their perspective.

How does it look?
How does it feel?
What steps do you put them through?
Can that be streamlined?

Simplicity & Efficiency make every sale easier. The best closing technique is to make every other step before the close as simple as possible. The less moving parts, the better chance you have to earn and keep a client.

There is a term we use in the Apex group called “Build Your Machine.”


Building your machine is the process of constructing your business around your ideal client. Once you identify the specific avatar of who you want to work with the most, and every aspect about them, you then simplify your process. The next step is to maximize the opportunities to reach your ideal prospects.

It is worth investing some time and examining how you & your organization are being perceived by your customer. The better the first impression, and then how easy your process is, will help in closing more sales and building a raving fan base.

Remember to keep it simple. #itaintrocketsurgey

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