The Real Reason The Rich Get Richer

Posted on January 28, 2021

Ryan Stewman



I don’t know about you, but my parents always complained about the rich getting richer. Every time a CEO made some money and it was announced on TV, my parents would always repeat the cliche.

Unlike my folks, I didn’t hate on the person on TV, I was intrigued by how they did what they did. I always wondered what made that rich CEO any different than me.

So I decided to get rich and figure it out for myself.


I’d like to tell you this was some 90 day to 7 figure path for me, but it was anything but that. My professional life has been filled with ups and downs because of my personal decisions.

By the way, if you watch Undercover Billionaire, you’ll see how hard it is to make 7 figures in 90 days. If Cardone can’t do it, some dipshit kid on the internet definitely didn’t do it either. #justsaying

After nearly two decades of focus and intentional actions, I finally cracked the multi-millionaire code. Only to find out you really need $25M in America to say you’re truly rich.

Nonetheless, I got my hands on some money due to good ol fashion hard work and determination.


Next thing you know, credit cards are coming to me with 0% interest rates. I have unlimited credit offers at 0% for 12-24 months. This means free money.

Step one was getting rich, step 2 is now getting richer from being rich.

Free money is a good damn start in the right direction.


The next thing that happened was bankers started calling me. They offered me lines of credit, commercial loans, and anything else in exchange for my deposits. Again, free money to make money.

I look at borrowed money with margins. If they give me $100k at 5% interest rate, can I take that $100k and make 15% or more from it leaving me with a margin of 10% as profit. Making money from money. Rich, getting richer…

As I started accumulating assets, the banks called again wanting to loan against them at unreal low rates. They also offered to loan me money on future asset purchases at sub 3% rates.

On top of that, the banks want me to keep my money in the account, so they leverage it in a loan from me, so I only use the bank’s money, not my own. All I gotta do is make my margin.

As I started growing my stock portfolio, the asset managers wanted to give me loans against my stocks and pay interest to me on them, while I still own them. I’m making dividends, equity, and interest on my personal IRA stock account.

Once the work got out that aI had money and was an investor, I started getting pre-IPO investment opportunities. Not to mention all the private businesses that want me to invest in them for insane returns.

The reason the rich get richer is because the banks see that you are good with money and they want to give it to you. So many people suck with money and the banks won’t give them shit. But if you’re good with it, the rich get richer…

The bible says he who is responsible with little will be trusted with much. This means the rich getting richer is literally a biblical principle. Remind your parents of that, next time they say it.

So my advice to you is to get rich. Then get richer.


There’s no time like the present and it ain’t getting any easier.

Rise Above

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