The Reason You Don’t Make More Sales

Posted on January 27, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



What’s your follow up game look like?


On average, only 5% of your prospects are in the “Buy Right Now” category.  What happens to the other 95% of people? Something I learned very early on in sales…


“The FU money comes from follow up!”


We’re not talking about 1 or 2 calls and then quitting though.


You need to have a specific strategy that you follow with every potential client who finds their way into your pipeline.


There’s no such thing as bad leads…just bad follow up!


Now that we’ve established how important follow up is…


Let’s talk about what it looks like.  When a hot lead comes in, what happens? Do you have a CRM? Any automated responses set up? Is there a schedule you follow? How long do you try connecting with them? What channels are you using?


The best thing you can do for yourself is to create an SOP or standard operating procedure for yourself and your future staff.


The Reason You Don’t Make More Sales


When I was in the insurance business I created a never-ending follow-up system for leads from the day they entered the pipeline. The only time they were removed from the system was when they were deemed ineligible for our products and services, or every last avenue of contact had been proven to be no good.


This process helped me write 40+ policies per month for well over $250,000 in annual production each year.


Upon Receiving a lead: Immediate Email/Text Message from CRM.


Days 1-5: We would reach out twice a day varying between phone calls and text messages. Marking the CRM what hours of the day so we could make sure we tried different times. You never know when the prospects could be available.


Days 8, 10, 15, 21, & 28: Follow up calls scheduled out and letters with estimate quote sent via USPS and Email.


After they went through the first 30-day cycle we would move them into a new category in the CRM which would then automate emails, text messages, and mailers to be sent every 90 days until further notice.


I’ve had people reach out to buy 3 years after they initially entering my funnel. It took dozens of calls, texts, and emails for them to finally call in and get a quote for coverage. Forty-Five minutes later we were taking his credit card over the phone to insure five cars, two houses, and multiple toys including boats, motorcycles, and ATVs.


Sometimes you need to catch the prospect at just the right time to make a buying decision. The best way to do that is to stay in front of them for as long as you possibly can.  Think about your prospects buying cycle, how often do they need your product or service?


Custom tailor, the follow-up process to your business for the best results.


Thankfully with the number of incredible programs and automatons that are possible these days you can make these touches without any effort on the part of you or the sales staff in your business.


As a matter of fact, you can create unlimited follow-up emails and texts for your leads using a Phonesites lead capture page. This allows you to write the sequence one time, and send it 1000 times over on autopilot!


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