The Right Words Can Make or Break Your Sale [Video]

Posted on August 09, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Words are important. They can make or break a sale, a person’s character and a sacred bond. Words govern countries. Words create war. Words construct peace. Communication is the main thing that separates us from all the other animals.

I’d like to see a fish write a blog post…

If you’re getting leads, talking to prospects and not closing sales, the problem is with your words. For every one word you speak, the prospect is processing three thoughts. Is this real? Is this bullshit? Will this work for me? The right words can make closing a sale 100X easier where the wrong ones will surely screw you out of commission.

In this video, I explain the power of words, why choosing the right words is important and what it means when you give your words to a prospect. This video gets deep quick so prepare yourself by grabbing something to take notes with.

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