The Secret Behind The Two Step Upsell Strategy

Posted on December 08, 2015

Ryan Stewman



“Would you like fries with that?” has probably made more money than any other phrase ever crafted by a salesman. This sentence is pure sales genius. It’s a simple script any order taker can memorize in seconds. The best part about it is it doesn’t even seem like a sales pitch.

McDonald’s famous phrase “Would you like fries with that?” is a shining example of what I call the “two step upsell” or TSU for short. The TSU is often overlooked by salespeople and business owners. At the same time, it’s exactly what has allowed McDonald’s to dominate the food scene with a mediocre product for decades.

This same, simple upsell process can be introduced into your business, too. And no, it doesn’t matter what you sell. If you have more than one product or service, you should offer an upsell package. If you’re not making the offer, you’re not making the money.

Every business should have an easy-to-implement upsell strategy.

Here’s what happens in most scenarios. A guy walks into a store and sees a pair of $500 shoes he really likes. You mention they look great on him and he decides to buy. Most salespeople stop right there and pat themselves on the back. This common practice not only hurts the company; it hurts the salesman’s commission check.

The right thing for the salesman to do would be to offer the customer a matching high-end belt and wallet to go along with his shoes. He’s already in the buying mood; he clearly has money to spend or he wouldn’t be buying $500 shoes. It’s the perfect storm to suck as much money out of him as he wants to give you.

Clients like this LOVE to spend their money. They get a small high from buying high-end goods. It’s nice to know you can spend some serious cash and get treated like a king.

The Two Step Upsell Strategy works in pretty much every business.

If your company offers more than one product or service, you should make multiple offers to each buyer no matter how much you think they won’t buy. Not everyone thinks like you. If you only offer one service or product, you need to look into creating a bolt-on service or product that you can use for an upsell. Every company needs more than one offer.

The best time to get folks to spend even more is when they are already buying. I’m not saying rip people off, take advantage of people, or anything like that. I’m saying if you see me in the store buying a suit, sell me a tie and a shirt to match. If you don’t offer, I won’t ask, but you’re doing both of us a disservice by not asking.

If you’re a manager or business owner, you need to train your people to always, always, always offer a two step upsell. The TSU is really simple. Matter of fact, like most aspects of sales, the simpler you keep the TSU and the script to match, the more you will sell. Think “Would you like fries with that?”

Implementing a Two Step Upsell Strategy into your business can increase profitability by 50 percent or more.

Here’s how the TSU works. It’s not hard. It just has to be done. The offer has to be made. If there is no offer made to the customer, there is no chance of a sale. You have to ask for the business in order to get it. You know all those items at the counter at 7-Eleven? Yeah, the trinkets and candy stuff. When’s the last time the clerk asked you if you wanted one? I know if they started asking if I wanted a Kit Kat I’d probably buy one. That’s a chance at a dollar more out of every customer who buys. Yet, they never ask.

Step #1 of the TSU is simple. Once the customer has made the decision to spend money and become a customer, you simply ask if they would enjoy something else you sell that goes along with their needs; nothing more, nothing less. “Sir, we have a great belt and wallet combo that pairs perfectly with those shoes. Would you like me to grab them for you? What size belt do you wear?”

Step #2 of the TSU is to take their money. Yep, that’s it. Make an offer and collect the payment from those who take you up on it. I told you, in sales, keeping it simple works best.

Just Two Steps: 1) make offer and 2) collect payment.

If you’re missing out on sales by not implementing actions like TSU into your sales regimen, I’ll teach you how to take knowledge and turn it into action.

If you’re ready to invest in your personal success and you’d like to find out about the programs we have developed especially for you, simply head over to and we’ll have a sales conversation about your future.


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