Sales Secrets Revealed [Video]

Posted on May 06, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Do you know what separates the average salesperson from a closer? I do and I tell you, it’s like most secrets on this planet; it’s been staring you in the face the entire time. So many people try and complicate the simplest things and complication leads to contemplation. If your prospect is contemplating, they ain’t closing.

In my life, I’ve closed over 50,000 sales, including 10,000 online and another 30,000 face-to-face. I’ve got the expertise to share what I do in the video below. What you’ll learn is not speculation or info learned from being a spectator. It’s all from my firsthand experience.

One thing you should know about me is that if I haven’t done it, I don’t try and teach it.

I only teach what I have done and everything else is irrelevant to me because I don’t know it firsthand. I go out and test, then try and do the work so I can share with you the results and nothing else.

In this video, I’ll share some of my “secrets” to closing sales. To be completely honest, there is no secret. What you’ll watch in this video you most likely know. I’m just putting the facts to you bluntly in my traditional “in your face” style using proof.

When you do what you learn in the video, you will close more sales. The key is not in learning, though. The key is in doing what you learn. You must take action to gain traction. Watch the video, do the work and crush it in your marketplace.

One last thing before you start the video: Keep in mind most salespeople only focus on sales and therefore starve, while the best salespeople are lasered into marketing and lead generation. After all, you can be the best salesman on the planet but if you don’t have leads to speak with, you will never get rich. On the flip side, you can suck at sales but with enough qualified leads you will still make sales. Getting leads can be hard for some salespeople. They don’t know what technology to use or how to use it. With you can create a lead-generating website in less than 5 minutes even if you struggle with technology. Try it today and see for yourself.


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