THC Podcast 021: The Seven Deadliest Sins A Salesperson Must Avoid To Be Successful

Posted on August 04, 2016

Ryan Stewman



You and I both know that salespeople come and go. A lot of people think sales is just a cake walk gig that anyone can just step in and start making some real dough.

You and I both know that just isn’t true.

There are some crucial mistakes and misdeeds you just can’t do if you are looking to be a success in this game we call sales.

If you learn these mistakes and make a commitment to make them and avoid them like the plague, you will start producing more sales.


Avoid These Seven Deadly Sins Of Sales

1. Not Following Up –

This is the biggest mistake and will do the most damage to your sales production month in and month out.

Learn in this episode not only how to avoid this mistake but also some first class follow-up strategies and tactics to help you crush it.

2. Talking Too Much –

We have all been guilty of this sales sin at some point in our career.

The more time you spend running your mouth with prospects the more probable it is that you will talk yourself right out of the sale. Like for reals.

The more you talk the more you give your prospect to think about it. Don’t over complicate the sale.

Get Ryan Stewman’s favorite techniques to nip this deadly sin in the bud.

3. Not Knowing Your Product –

It is mind boggling how many salespeople in many different industries, barely if at all are fluent when it comes to their knowledge of the products they personally sell.

How can you expect to sell somebody a product you do not know inside and out?

Don’t look stupid in front of your prospects by not knowing your product. Get some insider tips from Ryan Stewman in this episode that will assist you in not making this silly mistake.

4. Failing To Prospect –

If you want to be a top producer, and reach your earning potential in sales, you got to be filling up your pipeline day in and out.

The only way to fill your pipeline is to be prospecting for new customers every single day. Prospecting is an everyday, every hour event.

Learn some cutting edge tips that will help you avoid committing this fatal sin of sales and also some outside the box prospecting ideas.

5. Not Asking For The Business –

You would be astonished by the amount of sales people who will deliver a first class presentation, but in the end, they fail to complete the most important step… Asking for the business.

Not asking your prospects for the sale stems from having a fear of rejection.

If you are going to be a serious, respected player in sales you gonna have to put this deadly sin in your rearview and ask for the business with confidence.

Ryan is here to help you in this episode by taking this sin out of your repertoire for good.

6. Selling Features –

There is no doubt that features are nice, but let’s face it, features do not close sales.

Professional sales closers sell and close from benefits and results.

People do not want a home mortgage, they want a home. No one wants a car payment, they want a car. You get what I’m saying?

Learn to stop selling features with some of Ryan’s best-kept secrets, and you will soon rise in the ranks of true sales professionals.

7. Not Having A Clear Offer –

This is one of the most dangerous sins of sales and many salespeople fail at closing sales because they have no clear offer.

You have to get focused and 100% clear on what it is you offer, how to present your offer in a way that is appealing and compelling.

Learn in this episode how Ryan Stewman keeps his offer simple and concise so you can get paid.

Don’t Be A Sales Sinner And Be A Sales Winner

There is no guarantee or magic pill that will grant you success in sales, but not being sales sinner, and avoiding these seven deadly sales sins will increase the probability of you reaching your goals and success.

Taking control, and staying committed to not making any of these seven sins you currently are committing is all up to you. It still takes the hustle, sweat and commitment from you for this to help you be successful in sales.

Start taking control now and stop being a sales sinner!

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