The Ultimate Objection Handling Exercise [Do This Now]

Posted on December 28, 2015

Ryan Stewman



I’m sure we can all agree on one thing: OBJECTIONS SUCK! Now I know there’s always that one weirdo sales addict reading this that says “I love objections. The sale starts at the first NO” and you sir, are a glutton for sales punishment. For the rest of us, if we could get paid and never hear a BS objection again, we would. 

Here’s the deal with objections though, they are simply BS wordtracks played in the head of your prospect, in order to protect them from consequences. Yep, consequences. They say the #1 fear is public speaking, I say it’s consequences. People are scared to death from the consequences of their decisions. 
Most people are average or below average, when it comes to intelligence. Being anecdotal, that means a lot of sub par intelligence folks have made a slew of bad decisions. Matter of fact, the average person makes 2-3 bad/dumb decisions to every 1 good decision. This transcends from eating an extra snack when you shouldn’t, all the way to blowing money on a get rich quick scheme. 
Many people continue to make so many bad decisions they refuse to make good ones when it counts. I could go on and on about this for 10 more paragraphs. Bottom line before I move on, people have pre-planned, go to objections they say just to defend themselves. It comes from their caveman brain. The amygdala. The fight or flight mechanism in the brain.
Knowing that objections are just the amygdala trying to keep your prospect from making another bad decision, will give you power over the usual emotions that arise in a sales conversation. Addressing objections up front, as soon as they come out, and closing over them, is a service.

If you sell something that helps your prospect, you owe it to them to close them.

Knowing it’s your moral duty to solve the problem your prospect is suffering from, changes how you handle sales. Taking a higher calling paradigm is a stronger frame than any other. High moral duty is the highest frame there is. I’m going to teach you an easy to do, exercise that will have you prepared to deal with any objections that care thrown your way. 
I highly recommend you do the following exercise to help you get better at overcoming objections as well as removing the emotion out of the conversation. The exercise is ever evolving. Meaning you’ll be adding to it in the future when you run across new objections. 
The first thing you do is set up a 3 column spreadsheet. In the first column type “Objection” In the second column type “Reason” In the third column type “Rebuttal”
In each row, write a new objection. Take 10 minutes to think of every objection you’ve ever heard. From “I can’t afford it” to “I’m not ready to buy today” write them all down. Every single one of them. You should be able to easily come up with 20 or so, right off the top of your head. 
In the next column, next to the objection, write the real “root” reason this objection comes up. Answers like “doesn’t see the value” or “is confused on the process” are perfect. You’re using this space to type the sub-surface reasons these regular objections keep coming up. 
After you’ve got your objection and reason rows all filled out, it’s time to go over to the Rebuttal column. This is where you script your reply to each of these objections. You know the reason, you know the objection, here’s where you get to use emotionless objection handling at it’s best. 
This exercise arms you with an answer for objections they don’t even know they have yet. You’re prepared, you’re ready, you’re emotionless and there to do business. You’re ready to close them for their own sake! You’re armed to the teeth and they don’t even have a pocket knife. 
This objection handling exercise will also keep you sharp. At any point in the future that a new objections arises, you simply add it to the list and deal with it accordingly, next time it comes up. This also makes it easy for your sales team as well. They can all add to the list for the benefit of the entire team.  
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