The Waiting Room Close [Video]

Posted on September 13, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Ever been to a doctor’s office and gotten stuck in the waiting room? While you wait, sick, anxious and worried, you’re ready to do just about anything the doctor says. Most people don’t realize it, but doctors are the coldest closers in the game. People hardly ever go against their advice and price is never a question. Wouldn’t you like to have a sales process so strong no one ever gave you an objection or complained about your high prices?

While most people see doctors as healers, the salesman in me sees doctors as stone cold closers.

 Over the last decade, I’ve studied how doctors close sales and the process they put people through prior to diagnosing them and closing the sale. The whole process is not happenstance. It’s by design. If you look out your window, hospitals are some of the biggest buildings in any city. The reason is that they are cash machines like casinos in Vegas. 
If you see a cash machine, study it, and figure out how you can create your own cash machine. That’s exactly what I did. I see the doctor sales process as a masterful work of art that’s flawlessly executed day in and day out. So should you. Sick or not, the process works without fail. 
In this video, I’ll explain what I call the “waiting room close” and how you can execute this close in your sales process. If you dig the video and you want more killer content like this, sign up for this week’s free training at 

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