There Is No Plan B

Posted on November 18, 2020

Ryan Stewman



How many people have you ever known to find EPIC success that told you they got “lucky”?
I don’t mean they had a good month or even year. I’m talking about long term, sustainable, and growing success?

The problem for most is, we see someone who’s already successful, making moves, and “easily” crushing it. It becomes easy to start thinking, “If I had what they have, I’d be able to be successful too.” You may be right, but I’d bet you that you’d have a tough time keeping and growing that success.

See, what’s given can so quickly be taken, but what you earn…well, you can apply that wisdom to just about anything for the rest of your life.

Most people’s trouble is they’re always looking for the shortcut, the loophole, or the NEW fad diet.

It’s tough to gain wisdom with shortcuts, and it becomes increasingly challenging to know how to steer your ship in rough waters when you didn’t take the time to practice when it was calmer.

After years of coaching other business owners and looking for similarities among those who have long term success, I’ve found several constants among them all. Once I compiled that list, I dove deeper to look for the #1 reason or similarity. The critical ingredient that must be present to have success.

There were some significant contenders for the #1 spot, too, from setting big goals, having a healthy self-image, the ability to delegate, and networking with the right people. I know so many people that are doing one or all of these, and they still struggle, so I knew there was a master key. Something that once unlocked would virtually guarantee someone would accomplish what they set out to do.

One day, as I was wrestling with what it could be, I heard a headline story of a young girl who was trapped under an overturned car. I’ll never forget how the reporter described the vehicle beginning to catch fire and how the police were dumbfounded when they arrived at the scene.

It seems that after someone called 911, the mother of the young girl was frantic as she saw the flames engulf the car. She was afraid no one would show up in time to rescue her daughter before she was burned alive. When the authorities showed up, the ladies were sitting on the roadside about 100 yards away from the charred wreckage.

When the police asked the mother how her daughter escaped from under the burning car, she simply said, “I lifted the car up enough for her to get out.” She had lifted a vehicle over 4000 lbs high enough in the air for her daughter to escape.

I remember as I listened to her act of bravery…burned hands, no help, and impending doom. I also remember being smacked in the head with the most OBVIOUS answer to ALL success.

See, when you don’t give yourself any other option than success, you’ll get it.


Just like that Mamma with her baby stuck under a burning car, you have to be so determined about the goal that YOU CHOOSE to do what MUST BE DONE to get it.

When you leave yourself an escape, you’ll most likely take it when the going gets tough.

You MUST CHOOSE that there is no plan B.

No matter how grim it looks, no matter who comes against you, no matter what…

This is THE singularity amongst all I’ve ever witnessed to achieve the results that everyone else wonders at. There is no price too high, no rock they won’t overturn, no action too silly to do.

Let me ask you a question…in a breakfast of eggs and bacon, the chicken is involved…but the pig, he’s committed.

Are you REALLY committed to getting what you want?

If so, I’ll see you in the trenches!

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