This is What it Takes to Be a Top Producer in Today’s Market

Posted on April 22, 2013

Ryan Stewman



If you are not using technology to grow your brand you will be out of business in the next 24 months. If you aren’t integrating platforms like facebook, youtube and linkedin into your every day business practices you will be left behind. The days of thinking about using social media or video to market your business are long gone. We are at a pivotal time in which you have the unique opportunity to get ahead of your competitors in a major way and become a top producer in your market.  

I know what you are probably thinking: “Man Ryan, that is a strong claim. I don’t even do that much business from social media.” If this is what’s on your mind you may very well be the exact person who needs to read this the most. Pay close attention to what I’m about to share…   In the past few weeks I’ve conducted over 100 strategy sessions with Loan Officers all around the country. I’ve been able to get a clear view on some of the issues our industry is facing. The biggest issue I see LOs facing is not understanding or utilizing the internet. Almost every LO I spoke with is using the same exact BS marketing methods. This practice is not unique to the mortgage world. I’ve heard the same things from Realtors and Insurance Agents as well.  

I want to share with you a case study. A case study about implementation and what will ultimately separate the best from the not in business any more. In case you have not been paying attention, you are competing against computers. Your getting shopped on the internet, I don’t care what business you are in. If you are being shopped there, wouldn’t you want to make sure you were there for the shoppers?

Case Study #1 Colleen Frost:

Colleen YoutubeColleen FB check in

Colleen Frost has been a Realtor for right about 2 years as I write this post. She came from an interior design background and one day decided to throw her hat into real estate. When I first met Colleen she said she was 100% coachable and willing to do what the other agents weren’t. She told me she wanted to know more about social media. She knew there were big ways to use it and she had a huge interest in it, she just needed a formulated plan.    

Colleen and I talked about checking in on facebook for listings as well as using youtube videos to sell her properties and grow her brand. She wasted no time what so ever. I’m not sure how much her business has grown but I can tell you she sells 10-20 houses a month and most homes get sold in 2-3 days for above list price. Her main marketing platform is social media. You do the math.             

Case Study #2 Sean Matheis:

Sean Matheis was one of my very first personal coaching clients. When I first met him he told me he was 100% open to do whatever it took to reach #1 in his fortune 100 company. Matter of fact, I have modeled much of my current coaching programs around Sean’s sucSean Youtubecess.  Insurance with Sean  

Sean is the #1 insurance agent within his company nationwide and he told me on Friday that he is now closing more deals in a week than he used to in a month. Oh. The thing I forgot to tell you about Sean, is that he only has about 2 years in the business. [you see a pattern here]           

I find it no coincidence that Colleen and Sean are doing the amount of business they are. They are out the for business to find them. They both create videos, blog posts, content and are active on social media. They are visible when people go looking for them or their services.  

If you are going to be #1 in your niche, you are going to have to embrace technology. As more and more Seans and Colleens step up, you are surely to get pushed further and further toward finding a new business or maybe even working for a Sean or Colleen.

You see what it takes. You know it’s all around you. Are you going to sit there and wait for life to give you shocking news or are you going to get ahead of the game and not worry about competition because you have none? If you are ready to take it up a notch, fill out the form below.

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