This Is Why Salespeople Make More On Average Than Any Other Occupation

Posted on February 10, 2020

Ryan Stewman



It’s no secret that if you’re good at communicating with and persuading others, you can make a shit load of money working in sales. Sales ain’t for everyone, but those who it IS for can really clean up earning massive commissions.

The media would have you believe we are all crooks and a bunch of overpaid animals.

They make movies about us ripping people off, blowing massive amounts of money on stupid shit and worse.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The sales industry is packed with some of the best mufuggers on the planet. Some of the most genuine, caring, empathetic servants work in sales. The best people I’ve met in my lifetime have strong roots in sales.

The reason the general public and media hate on us is that we out-earn their lame asses.

I remember working in the mortgage business back in 2009. I did a loan for a local news anchor. He made one-fourth of what I made annually. I was 30, he was 45. It felt good. I did loans for some of the other anchors, too and most made less than $50k/year.

This Is Why Salespeople Make More On Average Than Any Other Occupation

Starting in 2010, after Dodd-Frank, the media started ripping the banks, stock traders and Wall Street. Shit was everyone’s fault, but sales took the blame because we made the most money.

What people don’t understand is WHY we get paid so much money.

First off, we earn and deserve it. People think sales is easy. It’s anything but that. Grueling hours, no safety net, and a lot of time chasing people down who purposely avoid you—that shit ain’t for the weak.

When I was doing loans, I worked from 7:30 am to 7 pm without a break, five days a week. I worked from 9 am to 2 pm on Saturday, and was technically “off” on Sunday but clients always texted and emailed me anyway. I’d wake up at 5 am, be in the gym by 6 and at work by 7:30.

Most of the world has some sort of 9 to 5 job with an hour break during the day. They don’t see or understand how WE can put in so many hours.

Most people turn work off when they leave the office. You and I are in work mode 24/7.

That’s what they don’t and can’t comprehend about sales.

Plus let’s be real. Our clients can be very difficult to deal with. They ghost us. Cuss us. Owe us money. Leave bad reviews and more. WE have to navigate delicate waters with our clients daily. Especially if you work selling cars, insurance, real estate or banking. The public automatically has some bone to pick with us.

WE get paid because we care. Most people couldn’t and damn sure wouldn’t endure the hell we go through to close sales to feed our family. We deserve what we earn because the only way we get it is when we close something.

If it wasn’t for salespeople, no one would know about the best products in existence.

We are literally the gatekeepers to everything on the planet. After all, everything is for sale.

That’s a lot of responsibility and a lot of hours. Combine those two and it only makes sense that we are compensated accordingly.

Most people can’t and won’t do our job. Therefore, like anything else, working in sales pays more because the job is harder and fewer people want to take the risk of only getting paid for what they close. Since we take the risk, we get the rewards that go with them.

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