This Is Why You Must Sell Yourself On Success Before Anyone Else

Posted on June 24, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



Let’s face it, the thought of being super successful, including having unlimited finances, fast cars, and the ability to do just about anything you want is super appealing.


Then you get to thinking about what it would take to get there, and typically the good feeling is gone just as fast as you imagined yourself speeding off into the sunset in one of your exotic supercars.


This feeling happens when you are attacked by something we call the force of average.


It’s this nasty little thing that steps in and tries to keep us from becoming the most elite version of ourselves.

This Is Why You Must Sell Yourself On Success Before Anyone Else

If you can’t honestly believe that level of success is possible, you’ll never be able to reach it. There is a saying that I love to use and share with fellow entrepreneurs “You have to say what you see, so you can see what you say.”


The story behind this saying is that to have the things you want in your life, you have to picture yourself having them. It would be best if you manifest your dreams into reality.


One of the best ways to start this process is by going through what we call the “Most Elite Version Of Yourself Exercise.” it takes about 7-10 minutes and can be done by CLICKING HERE.


Once you’ve taken the time to go through this exercise and have a firm grasp on what the most elite version of yourself looks like, it’s time to start setting a plan to become them.


Start with a break down of what that person does daily.


If the most elite version of yourself reads two books a week and knows three different languages, you better set a routine in place now to read at least one book and start working on your next language.


Is the most elite version of yourself ripped and able to run a marathon, no problem?


Better get in the routine of working out and eating right. You won’t ever make it happen if you just think about it.

Making small changes now will lead you to achieve greatness.

When you first get started on this process of self-development and personal achievement, you will feel great! Then after a few days or weeks, you might start wondering if it’s even worth it.


This will happen because the results you seek will not be instant. The positivity and motivation you had when starting will be worn down by failure.


Rejection and the negative attitudes of people around you who don’t want you to win will cause you stress. Keep going!


All greats go through this, and it is a test of your willpower to determine if you were serious when you said, “you wanted it.”

When this occurs, make sure you remember what you are doing this to achieve.

The most elite version of yourself is out there waiting for you. When others see you starting to win, some of them will begin to question you and make you feel as though you don’t deserve to achieve.


They will want to know why you are getting the things in life they want. Pay them no mind. Keep winning, and the folks who matter will show up in ways you never thought possible.


When you can say with certainty that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, others will buy into your journey. Finding the right people to help you become the most elite version of yourself can be tricky.


You have to know they represent what winning looks like at all times, that each member of the group shares the same mission. Something like “matching their reality to the most elite version of themselves.”


You need a group like The Apex.


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