This One Single Sales Skill Will Make Or Break Your Career In The Next 5 Years

Posted on April 28, 2019

Ryan Stewman



There are some sales skills that are absolutely timeless. Others skills have become less effective with time. An example of a timeless sales skill would be communication.

An example of a sales skill that’s less effective, would be cold calling. We can all agree that communication is the key to closing sales and that cold calling is getting harder, due to not many people answering the phones these days.

If we know less and less people are answering the phone, but communication is key to closing sales, how do we communicate?

This is where the 1 skill that will make or break your career in sales comes in. If you would have told me this 15 years ago, I would have laughed in your face and shown you out of my office. But for the last 10 years,

I’ve been practicing this skill daily and alongside my skill getting better, my bank account has got fatter. There will be many of you who doubt me on this, and I hope you change your mind before it’s too late.

This One Single Sales Skill Will Make Or Break Your Career In The Next 5 Years

So what’s that single important skill when it comes to closing? Not yet, lemme drag this out some more, but in a cool way…

Since the dawn of time, salespeople have relied on the gift of gab. Our job was to show up, use our words, and persuade someone to do business with us. It’s just always been that way.

A good salesman is always good with words. Society equates a good talker with being a good salesman. In the past, we used face to face selling to use our words, and then the phone, but now things have changed.

People don’t answer the phone, and folks don’t meet up like we used to.

This is why you need to learn to write. If there’s one thing that’s helped me close more sales than any other skill, it’s writing.

Let’s face it, my writing is so damn good, you’re reading an article with me bragging about it and loving it lol. Seriously though, go on this blog back to 2012 and see how badly I wrote. I had to practice. But, I’ve practiced daily, on social media and on this blog.

I used my writing to create a following online, then I used my writing to sell those followers products that make their lives better, easier and different. Not from face to face or cold calls, but from writing. Just like you’re reading right now.

I see the trends. When I started selling social media training, the number was 72% of all calls go unanswered. Right now a recent NY Post survey showed 77% of people don’t answer their phone AT ALL! Yet each day, more and more people are reading posts on social media, reading articles online and reading the captions on videos.

Ray Charles could see how this trend unfolds.

You better learn to write. It all starts by writing daily. After all, practice makes perfect.

Start posting on Facebook. Start Tweeting. Just start now and you’ll be better than you ever thought you could be, in just 6 months. 

Also, once you get good at writing, you can create sales pages, funnels, ads, and even books. You can use to create a website with your writing on it. You can sign up for free today.

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