3 Things You Should Never Apologize For

Posted on December 02, 2016

Ryan Stewman



We live in a snowflake society. People are pushing their PC agendas all over the damn place. It’s all a BS cover up and I hate it. PC is not what this country needs. What we need is more competition. More harsh realities. More modern natural selection. Instead, we are gifted with more participation trophies and more outrage porn. It’s getting old. Quick. 

We now live in a society where we have to apologize for doing shit that we should be rewarded for. It’s absolutely nuts! 

The problem is, most people settle. And when I say “most” I mean damn near everyone settles. Just take your graduating class from school or college. Look at the people who graduated with you. Most of them didn’t do shit with their lives. Hell, most of the people who went to school with me, still live in the Shitsville town I grew up in. They settled. 
Meanwhile, for you and me, we’ve got our shit together and made our path in sales. We’ve successfully set our own income up and taken control of our time and our lives. But the people around us haven’t done that and instead of asking us for help, they start to hate. 
What’s happening is a classic case of “if I can’t have it, he can’t either” in full-on adult mode. As an adult, you can’t vocally outcry whiney bullshit like that. But you can passive aggressively talk shit, make a person feel bad for success and even hate behind their backs. Shit’s getting old. I’m putting my foot down.
It’s time we stop being ashamed and suffering from success. We can’t even tell the people around us how well we are doing for fear of hate, deceit, or worse yet, because they might ask us to borrow money, which we know they will never repay. Dammit, having it all, ain’t all it’s cracked out to be sometimes.

Worse yet, most of us have had to learn the aforementioned lessons from firsthand experience. 

There are three things we hide, lie about and apologize for that we shouldn’t. We shouldn’t be ashamed that we are winning in life. The planet needs winners and losers. Losers should be inspired by winners to want to win. If not, f*ck ’em!
Telling The Truth – The truth will set you free. It may piss you off first, but it will set you free. The problem with the truth is, it’s hard to tell sometimes. People ask us questions all the time and we lie to them because if we told them the truth, we’d have to apologize for being a dick. Like in that one movie where they say, “You can’t handle the truth,” that’s some serious truth. People will stand in line for comfortable lies in trade for harsh truths. 
The issue is that people need to hear the truth. If they can’t handle it, that’s on them, not us. I stopped being a good little liar years ago. If you ask me some dumb shit, I’m gonna tell you it’s fucking dumb. End of story. I wasn’t always this way. I kept quiet to avoid confrontation, etc. But these days, I just call it like I see it. If they don’t like it they can GTFOH. Never. Never. Never apologize for telling the truth. Whoever heard it, needed it or you wouldn’t have said it. #Truth
Working Too Hard – People like to guilt us winners into feeling bad for winning. They say things like, “Sure, you have money, but you work all the time.” I always reply, “Well, no shit, wise guy. This is what it takes to get ahead,” but they don’t get it. They think just because we work more than they do, that we have no life or we are abandoning our family. 
Wait! You know what? It’s not even that. What it is, is the fact that most people use family and kids as an excuse to settle. They say, “Well, I have kids…” and it’s bullshit. I run three multi-million dollar companies, several websites and teams of people, yet I’ve never missed a single one of my son’s games. Matter of fact, I’m writing this blog at 9pm on a Friday. I have the same time as anyone else. Instead of spending it in a bar, I’m home, with my family in the room and I’m typing this on my laptop. Never. Never. Never Never. Never apologize for working hard. In the real world, participation trophies are welfare checks. 
Earning Too Much Money – The worst thing about making a lot of money is being judged for it. For example, I drive a 2016 Maserati Ghibli. It’s a cool car, but it has a shit turning radius. Every time I park it I can feel people looking at me thinking/saying that’s what you get for buying a flashy car, you douchebag. It’s their way of calling me names in order to make them feel better for not having the fancy car. Look, I worked my ass off to get here. The whole idea was to enjoy the finer things in life. Yet all of us get hated for it. 
It goes hand and hand with the working too much complaint. It’s the same type shit. People say, “When’s it gonna be enough?” and I’m over here like until I can no longer count and keep up with itthere’s never too much money. I’ve never heard a billionaire come on the news and announce they have too much money and want to give it back. Even people like Bill Gates who have foundations, create them for public opinion more than an actual cause.

I say to hell with apologizing for being paid. I’ll take paid over broke any day. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re apologizing for winning, stop. Look at professional fighters. After the fight is over, they hug, shake hands and all that. The winner never apologizes for beating the shit out of the other guy. They have a mutual agreement that the winner was more skilled, prepared and probably worked harder. Yet out here in life, people get pissed when you beat them. It’s like after you beat them they mail a formal complaint against you to the fighting commission saying you cheated.

It’s a mad world, you might as well piss off everyone you can.


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