Top 10 Most Common Sales Objections and The Scripts To Close Over Them

Posted on April 03, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Objections suck. The most common sales objections can be easily overcome though. Objections are a direct reflection of how well we have done our job. A master salesman will address objections up front, during the sale process, but we know things don’t always go according to plan, in sales. Objections suck for the salesperson and the prospect. The salesperson can lose the deal, and prospect’s problem goes unsolved. Lose-Lose situations suck.

I believe it’s our job as salespeople and my job as a sales trainer, to crush and overcome as many objections as possible. Closing sales helps the prospect. Our products solve real-world problems. We are removing problems away from the world. How awesome is that?

In an effort to kick a sales objection dead in the dick, I’ve created these scripts for you to adjust and use in your sales business. Here’s the thing though. Don’t discredit my sh!t. These scripts are meant to be said with 100% confidence and assurance to the prospect that you are the right choice. You’ve got to be drinking your own Kool-Aid if you’re going to make these work. Whether you believe they will work or not, you’re right. If you think they will work, they will. If you don’t think they will work, they won’t. It’s whatever you think.

There’s three steps to crushing common sales objections.

Agree. Address. Advance.
Agree with the prospect
Address their issue
Advance them through the closing

Don’t overthink it. Just try these and watch them work.

I’d like to speak with my partner

“Speaking with your partner is a great idea. However, I highly doubt they will be as excited to talk about it as you are. After all, you’re here. They aren’t. I’m right in front of you and able to answer all YOUR questions right now, not theirs. Here’s what I suggest you do. Let’s go ahead and get you signed up and taken care of. You’re here. Let’s not waste any more time shopping. In the event your partner throws a fit and totally shoots down your proposal, you can simply return the item tomorrow. The only catch is if your partner wants the refund, ask him to come in with you to collect it. I got your back to make sure you get what you need.”

I’m just not ready to make a decision yet

“I agree 100% that making a decision takes preparation. That’s what I’m here to do for you. Prepare you to make a decision. We both know you need the product. You like it. It solves your problem. The longer you go without making a decision, the longer you’ll have this problem. Let me help you. Sign here.”

It’s too expensive

“I agree it costs more than what you came in prepared to spend. We both know you don’t want a cheap product though. Cheap products don’t solve problems. The key is not how much my product costs, but how much getting the solution to your problem is worth to you. There’s no such thing as a solution to a problem being too expensive. There’s only those who aren’t willing to do what it takes to get the problem solved. I’m ready to do what it takes for you. Are you ready to do what it takes for yourself? Let’s do this!”

I’ll have to come back tomorrow

“I completely understand you are running short on time. You’ve come here, spent your time with me and now have to go. Coming back tomorrow only takes more of your time, though. You can spend a few extra minutes with me now, and get this over with, then instead of spending more time with me tomorrow, you can use that time to make up for the few extra minutes it takes to do this deal right now. Let’s go. You ready?”

I need to shop your competitors to make sure I’m getting the best deal

“I understand that you want the best deal. We all do! There’s nothing wrong with that. We can easily do a quick Google search if you’d like, and you’ll see our prices are the same or better than anyone else. I’ll meet or beat whatever is out there. What I care about is you. I want you to be happy and glad you decided to business with me. I assure you the deal on the table is way more than fair, if it’s not the best. Let’s close this up, move forward and let me show you why people love doing business with me.”

Let me think about it

“I agree you need to consider all the options before pulling the trigger. That’s completely normal. Here’s the thing though; I know you’ve been thinking about this for a lot longer than you’ve been here. You’ve thought about this a lot. That’s why you showed up today. You want my product. It does exactly what you need. You just want to make sure it’s the right decision. I get it and let me assure you with 100% certainty that it is the best decision for you. Thinking about this another day, week, or month, won’t change the fact that you need this and want it. Let’s just get you what you want and need. Sign here.”


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I wasn’t prepared to buy today

I agree with you on being prepared before you make a buying decision. No one wants to be sold on something before they need it. When we were talking earlier, you said this was exactly what you needed. I’m not sure how long you’ve been putting your needs off, but that’s never a good thing. Whether you buy today or a year from now, you’re going to end up buying. Why wait any longer than absolutely necessary, to solve your problem and fill your needs? Let’s get this over with and get you all fixed up.”

I’ve got to go home and do some research first

“I agree with you that research is an important step to making a buying decision. Lemme ask you, though. Have you done any research before you contacted me? I’m sure you have, and I’d be willing to bet you know a lot more than you’re letting me on to believe. And that’s ok. I get that you can be leery of sales people. I’m here to assure you with product, service and satisfaction, that you’re making the right decision and getting exactly what you need. Let’s wrap this deal up.”

I can get it cheaper online

“I agree that online can sometimes be a less expensive place to purchase this. However, online takes the human element out of the equation. That means if you have questions, a problem comes up, or you need to return the item, it’s all up to you. On top of that, what most people don’t know is that most items sold for less online are scratch and dent. There’s a reason they sell them for less, and I assure you it’s not because they don’t like making money. My price is fair, and my service and support come along with the package. Let me help you make the most of the product. Let’s wrap this up.”

I don’t have time today

“I agree that we are running low on time here. You’ve invested a lot of time into this. Time on research, travel, thinking and now with me. You told me this was exactly what you wanted today. You are out of time. And I think we can both agree you’ve already spent lots of time. Since you’re out of time, let’s wrap this up now and you’ll never have to worry about the time dealing with this problem again.”

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