Top 10 Facebook Groups for Sales Pros

Posted on January 22, 2019

Ryan Stewman



I’ve been making sales from Facebook groups for seven years now. I started my first FB group in 2012. I’m a member of over 1,000 groups on Facebook and some of them I never go to, but the ones I participate in are the best. Facebook groups are a great place to connect with other industry insiders, prospects and JV partners. If you know what you are doing, Facebook groups can lead to great connections.

As I have often said, “When you increase your network, you increase your net worth.” 

As a member of more groups than I can count, I wanted to give you guys the top groups on Facebook for sales professionals. These groups encompass many different aspects of the sales spectrum but they are by far the best ones out there. 

The Top 10 Facebook Groups for Sales Pros

#10: Sales Pitches Galore – 7,500 members
This group seems to have no rules! Anything goes for sale. Spam, job posts, MLM opportunities, etc. It’s wide open and you can post whatever you want. Although it looks spammy AF, it’s actually very active and packed with people who are cool to network with. You have to really work it to stand out here, but it’s worth it! 7,500 sales pros are available to connect with.
#9: Real Estate Happy Hour – 15,000 members
If you work in real estate and you want to be entertained, this is the perfect place for you. These people love llamas, and I’m not sure what’s up with that, but it is what it is. My friend and client, Eli Torres does a great job moderating these wild agents.
#8: Millennial Entrepreneur Community – 73,000 members
This group is full of younger folks just getting into sales. They are online, offline and everything in between. Arne Giske is the admin and he’s a client and a badass at monetizing FB groups. Join this group and watch the next generation of winners come up right before your eyes. 
#7: PhoneSites Users Group – 1,500 members
While this group may be small and fairly new, it’s packed with so much information on lead generation it’s unreal. If you want to see sales funnels, training videos and all things lead-gen, join now. 
#6: Kingpinning – 38,000 members
This group is all about ecommerce sales. You’ll see people making assloads of money from selling products online. Salespeople need to be in this group because it’s the future of sales and you need to start learning how it all works now. 
#5: Small Business Big Thinkers – 4,500 members
This group has over 4,500 business owners and entrepreneurs. Lots of high-level conversations are going on at all times. Sales pros will get a good look at how CEOs think and CEOs, have the ability to connect with other biz leaders. 
#4: Sales Professionals Group – 37,000 members
My homie and client Chad Lynn is the admin of this group and it’s full of car salesman, door-to-door guys and more. If you want to connect to other industry insiders, this is a solid place to find them.
#3: Facebook Ads Group – 40,000 members
This group is loaded with tons of info on everything you could want to know concerning Facebook ads. If you want to run ads but have questions, this group is the perfect place to ask. You can also make a lot of sales here—always a bonus!
#2: Social Media For Entrepreneurs – 30,000 members
This group is all about social media. Social media marketers, influencers, advertisers, managers and more. If you are looking to hook up with other salespeople who use social media to grow their businesses, this is the perfect group. My homie, Josh Forti did an awesome job putting this group together. 
#1 Sales Talk With Sales Pros – 80,000 members
Hell yes, I think my group is the best group on Facebook. Duh! The Sales Savages are the best and we punch kangaroos in the fucking face. This group has the best network of badass salespeople on FB period. But you better read the group rules, because my admins are as savage as the sales beasts they have to moderate. They kick people out fast as shit, so watch your step and your posts.
My best advice to you is to join all these groups, pin them to your shortcuts and visit them at least once a week. That’s how you build your network and following. 
And…if you’re looking for more follow-up in your life, put PhoneSites to work for you. This is the software that will allow you to create a well-qualified lead-gen funnel in your life in 5 mins only.

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