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Posted on February 20, 2016

Ryan Stewman



A week or so ago, one of the big, BS, real estate publications posted an article about the Top 25 Real Estate Coaches. Of course I looked on it to see if me, or anyone I knew, was on it. There were 2-3 of the usual OG suspects on there, but the other 22, I had never heard of. One of them has even been an active agent for 5 years and only sold 8 houses in her career. Not sure what she coaches about, but it ain’t from experience.
Then it hit me… The big name, BS, website is a paid website. Meaning these faux a$$ coaches probably paid the publisher to mention them. The public didn’t vote. Their clients didn’t mail in how much their numbers have improved since working with these coaches. The publisher just said, “Pay us, and we will put you on the list.” Integrity at it’s best…
I wasn’t even aware that there are 25 Coaches in this industry worth mentioning. I had to search far and wide to come up with 10. Then again, I’m looking for people who really get it and have the experience. I’m not looking for ‘Coaches’ that talk about things they have no firsthand experience with.
Also, not everyone who personally helps realtors become successful is considered a Coach. I don’t consider or call myself a ‘Coach’ because that’s not at the core of what I do. Many of the people on this list are not ‘Coaches’ either. Coach is such an outdated word anyway. If your real estate trainer still refers to himself as a ‘Coach’ he’s old school, so expect to be cold calling and door knocking.
I’ve decided to be the instigator and make my own list. It’s not paid, bought, or voted on by anyone but me. I think you’ll find my reasons are sufficient enough. This is not an advertisement for these folks. To be honest, I want your business. But if you are gonna go somewhere else, at least choose one of the best. Some of the people on this list hate each other. Some of them even hate me. Hell, I don’t even like some of them in real life. None of that mattered in my consideration.
Michael Reese
Michael Reese: Mike is #1 on my list for a good damn reason. I was Mike’s LO from 2005 to 2007. During that time I personally saw Mike sell 100’s of homes. I did mortgages for about 40% of them. Reese is a personal friend of mine, and we have hung out a lot over the last decade. From racing boats on lake Texoma, to golfing in Frisco. I know a lot about him.
The reason why he’s #1 on my list is simple: Mike introduced me to internet marketing. If it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t know me, or be reading this. I’ve watched Mike help 1000’s upon 1000’s of Agents earn massive money and I’ve watched him lead the way by doing it first hand. Mike is one BAMF and he’s the real deal. He not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. But with how much business he does, I’d actually say he runs. 
jay kinder
Jay Kinder: Jay is a close second for one reason and one reason only. It’s because of Jay, that Reese was able to help me. I’ve always felt that Jay is Mike’s best mentor, and often times worst influence (we won’t talk about that here). These two have stood the test of a strong partnership for 10+ years now. Trust me, that ain’t easy.
Jay makes the list because he maintained the title of #1 Broker/Agent in Oklahoma for several years. Hell, he probably still is, we just don’t talk business when I’m at his house. Jay knows how to sell real estate, run a business, and most importantly make money. He coaches on the things he knows, which is why he’s one of the best.
Hoss Pratt
Hoss Pratt: Yeah, I’m keeping the Texas boys on the map with this. Hoss is the real deal. I know him from real estate too. I did loans for him and his wife when they sold a sh!t ton of homes in Collin County, Texas. Hoss went from selling homes to going on the road and becoming the #1 affiliate for Kinder Reese. 
I’ve been in a room with Hoss on Midway Road in Dallas, Texas, and the dude sold every single agent in the room at a $997 price point. I’ve asked Hoss to speak at my events on several occasions. He’s as genuine and real as it gets. He’s sold houses, and now teaches ONLY what he knows.  You starting to see the recurring theme here?
Chris Smith
Chris Smith: The first time I ran into Chris Smith was at a ReMax convention in Virginia. We were booth booked to speak. The lady who booked us was like 90 years old, and had a Facebook profile pic that was at least 30 years old… Chris and I went on and on about how much that threw us off. He then got up on stage and talked about the scenario in a nice way, pointing out that many agents do the picture bait and switch. I thought, “this guy is funny”.
I’ve followed Chris ever since. I’ve seen him master numerous areas of Real Estate. Although I don’t believe he ever sold homes, he’s helped a lot of agents do so. He knows his stuff. If you listen to him talk, you can tell he talks from firsthand experience and not some theory. He’s probably the most tech savvy real estate consultant I know. 
adam bailey
Adam Bailey: This guy is a firecracker. Last year he sold over 1,000 homes. When this guy sets his mind to a goal, he hits it. He also has no problem talking a little smack along the way. I watched this guy take massive action in every area of his life last year. He’s a reminder that market doesn’t matter. Hard work trumps everything. 
I’m not even sure Adam coaches, but I know he recruits. If you’re lucky enough to get in with him and figure out how in the hell he sold so many homes last year, you’d be lucky. If you get a chance, mirror this guy. If you do 1/4th what he did in 2015 you’ll be doing 10X what you’re doing now. #Truth
Michael Maher
Michael Maher: Michael and I don’t really agree on anything other than hard work. Just because we have personality differences, doesn’t mean he’s not legit. Since he published his book a few years back, he’s helped a lot of agents hit their goals in referrals. He teaches referrals, because that’s what he did when he sold homes. Another person teaching from experience… Imagine that.
Michael works hard to bring value to the marketplace. In the last 3 years, if anyone in RE so much as farted, I got a message about it. I’m in the know on everything. People love to bring me gossip. I’ve not heard much on Mike and that’s a good thing. Matter of fact, some of my clients swear by his stuff too. Differences or not, he’s legit.
Josh altman
Josh Altman: I first worked with Josh in 2013. I was on a tour bus with him in Arizona, and I told him he needed to start coaching and speaking in a bigger way. He was focused on selling RE. I explained that was short term, and that he needed to use his fame on a bigger level. What do I know though? I was just some punk with tattoos, who paid him to do a gig.
Flash forward 2+ years: he’s the #1 speaker in real estate. He’s impacting agents from all over the world. And guess what? He’s teaching what he knows. Josh has closed 100’s of millions in real estate every year for at least the last 4 years. He’s dominating Beverly Hills, one of the toughest markets in our country. If you get a chance to learn from this energetic dynamo, take it! 
adam stark
Adam Stark:  When you’ve sold so many homes that everyone in the County that you live in knows who you are, you might be Adam Stark. Adam has been in real estate a few years now and is THE #1 leader in the MLS. In a small town of about 20,000 people, Adam has continually dominated the market using his new age funnels and ads. 
Adam worked his way up from sleeping on a friend’s couch, to owning a huge house in an exclusive area with a family. All from real estate. All from marketing. He now teaches how he continues to dominate the marketplace and stay #1 producer in the MLS using Facebook. Adam was a client of mine for 2 years, and now he’s my lead RE consultant for Hardcore Closer. Even though he’s one of my own, he had to be included on this list. 
Josh smith
Joshua Smith: Over the last 2 years, I’ve been introduced to Josh by a few people. We never really did anything together until about 2 months ago when I was on his GSD podcast.  Before I agreed to do any podcast with him, I looked him up. He’s a badass REO agent who dominated the majority of REO in Scottsdale back when the bust happened. 
He now teaches agents how to work REO, as well as his new age marketing tactics. He’s spending $50,000 each month on advertising his business. Anyone playing on that level is good at what they do, and if they can teach it, you should learn it. He’s not going to tell you to make cold calls. He’s going to show you how he did it.
ryan fletcher
Ryan Fletcher:  I almost didn’t put Fletcher on here. He might have more beef with more coaches than I do, and that’s a lot. It all started when I got a google alert the other day: he used my name in the title of this podcast show. I thought, “smart”, and listened. I sh!t you not, he has THE best RE format podcast I’ve ever heard. The US vs THEM, and social proof influence tactics that he uses are amazing. He got me.
I looked into him, and he’s a brilliant writer. He teaches agents how to write titillating, readable newsletters. He’s like me, in the sense that we hate cold calls and love stirring up trouble. The thing I like about him, is that he’s unapologetic and teaches what he knows: writing. If you want to learn how to write badass RE copy, I don’t think you’ll find anyone better.
Ok, you may notice a couple of things about this list. Thing #1 is that not everyone on this list is wildly rich or the best ‘Coach’, but they are all the best at teaching what they DO, not just what they know. In a world full of fake a$$ people who tell you to do stuff they haven’t done and won’t ever do, I wanted you to meet the people who practice what they preach. 
You may have also noticed Thing #2 that no women made the list. I tried. I really did. I researched, asked around, and did all I could ladies. All I can say is that the female RE coaching game is wide open. Someone needs to step up and dominate that area.
As I said before, I want you to hire me before anyone on this list. However, I recommend you hire us all! There’s something to be learned from each person on this list. Everyone on here is real, raw, and experienced. Check out their profiles, follow them on social media, and purchase their products. Start at the bottom and work up. Who knows, in 2 years you could have worked with us all, and be the top producer in your area. It’s up to you. 
One last thing I can guarantee, is that no one on this list will accept excuses or failures. They also won’t do your work for you. They WILL give you the tools, skills and info you need to take over. What you do from there is up to you. I recommend you get to work.

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