THC Podcast 055: The Top 5 Buying Signals That Salespeople Confuse For Objections

Posted on March 18, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Like it or not, sales are blown every day because some salespeople still carry around with them the fear of rejection. The agonizing fear of the word “no.”

The result of this kind of mindset is some salespeople are so terrified of hearing the word “no,” they will not even ask the prospect for their business. That is a problem because if you don’t ask, you will not receive.

Just as much as you hate hearing the word “no,” your prospect hates saying it so they will say anything else but the word “no.”

The big problem is that salespeople will take these BS responses from a prospect seriously when in fact they aren’t even valid objections. They are in fact “buying signals,” and in this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is going to show you how to spot them.

Let’s get started…

The Top 5 Buying Signals That Salespeople Confuse For Objections

1. How Much Does It Cost?

It is very likely if a prospect is asking how much a product or service costs, they like it and are interested in possibly owning it.

When a prospect is asking the cost of your product/service they might not sound excited about it or may even sound uninterested, but if they are asking, they are interested. The buyer feels if they are too enthusiastic about the product they will not good a price.

In this THC Podcast episode Ryan Stewman goes deep into what buyers are really thinking when asking “how much does it cost?”

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2. How Much Wiggle Room Do You Have On Price?

Another red hot sign of a buyer is when they ask about wiggle room on the price.

When a prospect asks this question it does not mean the price is too high. They are just seeing if they can get a better deal. Who can blame them right?

Sales professionals are no stranger to prospects who are looking for wiggle room on the cost. In this episode Stewman talks about how most salespeople take this buying sign as an objection and he drops some valuable information so you never make that mistake again.

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3. This Costs Too Much!

There is usually a few reasons why a prospect will say “this costs too much!”

Reason number one is the prospect does not see the value of your product/service that justifies the “high cost.”

Reason number two is the prospect wants to see if you are a lay down salesperson and will start slashing prices like a department store.

Just because the price is too much does not mean they won’t buy it. Don’t fall for it.

Ryan Stewman has some great insight on dealing with price focused buyers. Check out the episode for more details.

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4. The Prospect Shows Up

If someone goes out of their way to fill out a form online, pick up the phone and call you, or physically show up to see you they are interested in what you have to offer.

It doesn’t matter how many times a prospect tells you they are “just looking” rest assure they are looking alright, looking to buy!

These prospects are just looking for the right salesperson with the right pitch that makes them comfortable saying “yes.”

These prospects that take the time to show up whether they are showing up on your website as a lead, your email, a phone call or in person, they are ready to do business. Don’t blow these sales.

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5. I Am Going To Shop Around

This so called “objection” is the one you want to hear. When a prospect tells you “we are going to shop around with your competitors before we make a decision” the one thing they are telling you is they are intact making a decision.

These prospects are going to ink up on something from somewhere. Why not make that somewhere with you?

This is Ryan Stewman’s favorite so called customer objection. Check out the full THC Podcast episode at the top or bottom of this page and find out why Stewman loves this one!

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Don’t Let Your Prospect Close You

Your prospects have been conditioned over time to react in certain ways when it comes to making a substantial purchase.

As sales professionals we are in the mix everyday and need to understand that these reactions from your prospects are not even intentional. It is almost a habit at this point.

It is up to the salesperson to treat these so called objections as buying signals and use them to help you close the sale.

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