Trump Vs. Oprah: Who’s a Better Closer? [Video]

Posted on January 24, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Awwww damn… here I am again with a post about Trump being a closer. I know, I know, drop the “c.” He’s racist and all that other stuff people always say to me in the comments. If you can mature your thinking enough to see past the politics, you can learn a lot from Trump, like him or not.

I also happen to like Oprah. I think she has an amazing story spanning from struggle to success. She’s a fine leader and a free thinker. Oprah raised my generation. She’s one of the most credible sources on the planet with the largest book club in existence. She’s gotten people to read who don’t normally read.

Although I may not agree with either of their politics, I think it would be a great showdown to see them run against each other. As a salesman, I can only imagine the lessons I could learn watching these two debate and speak in front of millions. I hope they do run against each other.

The question is: Who’s a better closer of the two? Trump or Oprah?

They both have a lot in common. At one point Trump said he wanted Oprah to be his VP. They are both big-timers in showbiz and also billionaires. In this video, I break down who’s the better closer and you won’t believe the outcome!

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