Who says sales are limited to one at a time when done via phone? Yesterday I made two sales closes on one call. Both prospects got on the phone, asked their questions and agreed to do business with me. I recorded the entire audio portion of the process. 

You know how your manager says you can’t close two calls at once? This is what I call the “double close” When I attempted this call, I wasn’t sure how it would work. i wasn’t sure how the people on the other end would receive it. It was a lot easier than I thought. Both prospects got on the call, asked questions in turn and made a buying decision. 

This call just goes to prove that if you lead a prospect, they don’t know the difference and they just go with the flow. It was actually easier closing two guys at once due to the element of social proof. Once one of the two committed the other felt left out not to go all in.

Here’s the recording of me on a double sales call closing both prospects at once. It can be done and I plan to do more of it!



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